Inspera AS

Brynsveien 18
0667 Oslo
Telephone: +47 23 24 51 00

If you have any questions about Inspera – or general enquiries – we're happy to help. Just send us a message using the form.

Our office hours are between 9AM-4PM (GMT+2) Monday to Friday.


Invoicing information

We prefer to receive electronic invoices. Inspera is registered in the ELMA register, also called CEF eDelivery (PEPPOL). Our VAT number is the access ID (VAT No998 156 963).

Alternatively, we would like to receive invoices in .pdf-format (one pr email) to the following email address:

In case of paper based invoices being the only option, please send to:

c/o Sparebank 1 Økonomihuset AS
Kartverksveien 11
3511 Hønefoss

Thank you for contributing to the environment and to more efficient handling of invoices.


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