Learning Analytics

Learning analytics is about empowering learners, educators, and professional test writers alike. With psychometrics, we can understand so much more about our tests, the questions that we use, and the learners that answer them.

Learning analytics is about empowering learners, educators, and professional test writers.

Assessment for learning

At Inspera, we believe that testing is not just about getting the best possible information about your learners' performance; assessment should be part of the learning experience. Using the state of the art from psychometrics research, we aim to provide educators with the best quality insights, to create the tests they need, and to pinpoint exactly where their learners may need an extra nudge.

High-quality insights into student performance

Realising assessment for learning starts with high-quality insights into learner performance, so you know exactly what your next class should focus on, or what mastery level your examinees have achieved. The Inspera platform provides key learner statistics from classical test theory and more importantly, item response theory (IRT) - the workhorse of modern-day psychometrics (for a gentle introduction to IRT, see our recent blog post). Our tools help you evaluate your learners in a way that advances both their and your own learning process, giving you valid and reliable estimates of their abilities.

Creating better tests

High-quality assessments start with great questions. But, what makes a question a good question? When is an item too difficult or too easy? What distractors work well for a multiple-choice question? And, what items go together well in a test? Combining psychometrics with historical data, we are able to help you find just the question that you're looking for, identify items that you might want to drop, or evaluate the quality of the test that you created even before you've administered it.

Data-driven and evidence-based

Learning analytics is a core part of Inspera’s e-assessment offering. We believe that educators, learners, professional item writers, and policy makers alike benefit from actionable, evidence-based insights about learner performance and teaching. To realise that ambition, we rely on a solid R&D strategy that puts learning analytics front and centre. We develop all of our new tools or functionalities through a combination of simulation research and testing with real data, and with our "learn more" philosophy in mind.

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