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How Inspera Supports Digital Examinations at Business Schools

Mikel Aparicio
April 8, 2019

Generally speaking, Business and Management education tend to use different pedagogical methodologies to evaluate their students compared to other faculties among Higher Education institutions. That is why, at Inspera Assessment we have adapted our solution to perfectly suits the specific needs that Business and Management institutions require. Read on to find out how Inspera Assessment assists Business and Management Schools and learn about some of our successful cases.

What are the needs of Business and Management Schools?

Some of the approaches that this type of institutions employ in their teaching process differ from many other educational fields, such as the Method Case, problem-solving analysis, the strategic planning approach and quantitative skill-based approach. At the same time, digitization of internal processes is not an exception for Business and Management Schools. In fact, some of these institutions lead the implementation of technology for education by the adoption of sophisticated learning ecosystem.


In order to effectively enhance our solution, at Inspera we keep a close relationship with our existing clients, and we constantly learn from their needs.

What could Business Schools benefit from digital examinations?

New ways of teaching and learning, and consequently assessment, are induced by a need for a closer alignment between what knowledge students obtain with their degree, and the workplace requirements they later encounter.

 The transition from paper-based examinations to on-screen delivery and marking has changed the entire examinations lifecycle of Business and Management Schools, and bring significant benefits for the student experience and academic and administrative staff:

  • Monitoring the whole exam lifecycle in one place.
  • High standard of exam security through our lock-down browser.
  • Quick marking and feedback and easy collaboration with other markers.
  • Greater efficiency thanks to digital workflows.
  • No costly installation and integration to virtually any other system.
  • Savings in printing, transport and storage costs. 

Due to strong connections with the industry, business schools are on the frontline of these global trends and feel the strongest demand for leadership and innovation.

 Example of how multimedia can be supported during exercises at Inspera.

In collaboration towards excellence in teaching and learning

The focus of Inspera Assessment is to solve assessment challenges of both academic and administrative staff, whilst also making the solution interactive, dynamic and state-of-the-art for their students.

Inspera effectively supports real case-based pedagogy assessment for Business and Management Schools’ subjects digitally in a reliable, trustful and transparent way. To that end, we further adjusted the overall assessment experience in the management subjects, including Finance, Accounting, and Administration.

Inspera is proudly collaborating with many prestigious institutions that are genuine excellence seekers in Business & Law faculties. In order to effectively enhance our solution, we have kept a close relationship with our existing clients from the sector, and learnt from their needs. A great example of this commitment is Kozminski University, which is continuously looking for excellence in education.

Successful case: Kozminski University Business School and Inspera Assessment

Kozminski University, one of the leading European Business Schools, has been collaborating with Inspera Assessment since 2017 to improve the university’s teaching and learning experience, and eventually make their exams effectively and efficiently digital. 

Kozminski’s principal drivers to choose us were the administrative workflow optimisation and the wide range of question types that enabled to digitise subjects such as Finance and Accounting. Inspera Assessment is also integrated with the university’s Student Information Systems (SIS), which enables to share student profiles when configuring an exam. Valeriia recognises that “it is a major step forward to have everything accessible from one place.'' 

The following figures are perfect examples of how Kozminski University has adapted our solution to their needs, using a variety of question types that are Business and Management Schools, such as composite question type, numeric entry and functionality to upload assignment or essay:

Different exercises of simulations of sale and costs variance analysis based on the use of a stimulus, text area question type and an upload of an assignment (Excel).


Case method evaluation, showing the stimulus in pdf format.


The adoption rates at Kozminski have been steadily rising, and already in the first year 25% of staff was trained and conducting exams in Inspera Assessment. Valeriia Gorlushko, Head of Examination Centre at Kozminski University, explains that once tried our digital platform, “the faculty members do not want to return to paper and pen examinations”. 

If you want to learn more about how the implementation of digital examinations was, check out our Case Study on Kozminski University Business School.

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