Welcoming Pets to Inspera Office

Leire Aranbarri
February 20, 2019

At Inspera we work hard to have a healthy work culture and employee-friendly policies. That is why we are open to the practice of having pets in the workplace, and we encourage the Inspera Team to bring their pets with them to the office. In this article, we will introduce you to Inspera pets, discuss the benefits of bringing them to work, and share with you our employees’ testimonials.

Respect above all: Coming to an agreement on welcoming pets

Before establishing this practice, we consulted with the team in order to see if employees saw any inconvenience of interacting with animals in the office, and if there was anyone who had some kind of pet allergy. We all agreed that, above all, having pets at Inspera should not have any negative effects on our employee’s workplace experience. In the end, we decided to have a trial and, if successful, we would allow this practice from then on.

Introducing the most popular pet members of the Inspera Team

Our first guests were aquatic animals: several types of Goldfish and Catfish in a big aquarium at the entrance of the office, saying good morning to the employees. Next, we met Francesca’s 2-years old Ludvik, a mix of Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd. Seeing the popularity of Ludvik and the good ambience he created at the workplace, Heidi and Tom also decided to introduce us to Kira, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, and the Flat-Coated Retriever called Mooi, whose name means beautiful in Dutch. Kira and Mooi pay a visit to the office occasionally and they get along very well. Moreover, Therese recently joined us, so did her Golden Retriever Nora. All of them love to be petted and we love to pet them.

Our fish and canine friends Kira, Mooi and Nora love to be petted and we love to pet them.

What are the benefits of incorporating pets to the team?

There are many studies that confirm that bringing our pets to the workplace can have multiple benefits for the health of both employees and employers. According to a study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University study in spring 2012 at a dinnerware company in North Carolina with 20 to 30 dogs visiting every day, “employees who bring their dogs to work produced lower levels of the stress-causing hormone cortisol.” The results showed a 11% reduction of stress and anxiety among the employees.

Pets can diminish our stress levels and lessen our reactions to stressful situations. How can this affect the increase of productivity of our co-workers? Employees who are healthier contribute better at the workplace than those who fall sick often or suffer chronic health issues.

We can notice that the canine team has also increased workplace interactions that would not normally take place, as well as they add some humor to our working routine and keep our spirits high. Optimism and laughter can be just as contagious as negativity and stress, and they result in higher morale of the Inspera Team and a better communication among peers.

Another benefit that we have experienced from welcoming pets at Inspera, is that they have a significant effect on our work-life balance. These animals help us pass long work hours more happily and they the remind us that we should take necessary breaks.

A coffee break with Nora the dog

Therese and Håvard having a coffee break with Nora

The Inspera pets help us reduce stress, and increase productivity, workplace interactions and work-life balance.

Testimonials from the Inspera Team

Our employees are very pleased with the joy and happiness that the Inspera pets bring. We have asked them how do these friendly animals make them feel, and these were some of the answers:

“We noticed that the simple fact of having dogs at Inspera enhanced cooperation and created a more successful work environment. We also observed a reduction in stress levels and the promotion of productivity.” Heidi Lund-Isaksen, Human Resources and Accounting Officer

“I always had dogs and cats around me and, when I moved to the city, I realised how animals play an important role in my life. During the working hours at Inspera, I feel very lucky to see animals around and I try to take short breaks to enjoy their company. They definitely make my day better.“  Matteo Fiore, Data Scientist

“I love working in a place where my dog is welcomed, instead of being concerned if Mooi is feeling lonely at home. She forces me to take some breaks that I could otherwise forget, so I make myself get more work done. She makes the office a happier environment and I get a companion both at work and on my way home.” Tomm Haavaag Bjørnsen, Service Desk Advisor

Mooi the dog at the office

Tomm introducing Mooi to the Inspera Team

“I grew up with two German Shepherds and, unfortunately, nowadays I don’t have any pets. When I see that some of my colleagues bring their pets, you can notice a huge smile in my face. It makes me feel good just to pet a puppy for 30 seconds, and I go back to my desk, being more relaxed and productive for the rest of the day.” Mikel Aparicio, Marketing and Business Development

Doubtless, these cute team members have helped us to relieve stress at Inspera, boost the morale of our employees, and provide a model for teamwork. Thus, for the time being, there is no doubt that we will keep bringing dogs to the workplace. We are also considering combining this practice with other types of activities, such as music therapy, relaxation training, and animal-assisted therapy, which would benefit the long-term well-being of the employees and strengthen the team spirit.

Combining this practice with other types of activities, such as music therapy and relaxation training, will benefit the long-term well-being of the employees and strengthen our team spirit.

Do you want to be part of our team?

At Inspera we are looking for talent with a passion for democratising education. If you love animals and you want to work at the leading Scandinavian EdTech company with end-users in more than 160 countries, take a look at our job openings and join us!

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