Efficient Exam Planning

Thursday 10th June 2021 at 15:00 CET (Oslo time)

Have you been waiting to see Inspera’s platform?
Want to see how digital assessment is far more than just remote proctoring? 
Want to hear some specific examples of how you can create better assessments using a digital platform?
We’re ready, if you are.


Hosted by:
E-assessment Consultant, Inspera

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Inspera Assessment is a cloud-based, end-to-end assessment platform that supports your organisation’s examination cycle entirely on-screen, whether you want test takers to sit exams remotely or on your premises.

In this online session, you’ll see what the exam planning and set-up process looks like in Inspera.

You’ll find out how this can help you, as an exam administrator, to achieve efficiency while also planning great assessments for test-takers. We will compare this digital set-up to a regular paper-based exam set-up to highlight the efficiencies.

The event will be hosted by Matthew Godfrey & John Byrne.

For this session, we will also be joined by Linda Jerdenius, System Administrator from the University of Gothenburg, who is going to tell us about how much time has been saved by going digital with Inspera. This will have a special focus on the planning process.

Who should attend?

  • Examination/Institution Senior Leaders
  • Examination/Institution Administrators
  • Learning Technologists and Psychometricians
  • Course/Program Directors
  • Learning Design professionals

There is more!

Everyone who signs up will get access to the Inspera Gift Box, which we curated specially for the attendees of this event. In the online Gift Box you will find:

  • Our guide on ‘How to create better exams’
  • The article 'Work smarter, not harder: Digital exams and learning analytics'
  • This webinar will be recorded and you’ll receive a copy after the event.

About The Host

Matthew Godfrey
E-Assessment Consultant, Inspera

Matthew is an E-Assessment Consultant who has been working for Inspera for the past two years. In his role at Inspera, Matthew works closely with both new and prospective clients to gain an understanding of their e-assessment requirements and provide unique digital assessment solutions. Working with a diverse range of clients and sectors means he has a rich understanding of both the similarities and unique differences that every organisation can require from an online examination tool. He is looking forward to showing you some of the innovative authoring features which Inspera has to offer, providing some useful tips and tricks, hearing about your e-assessment projects and answering any authoring questions you can throw at him.

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