Using A Digital Assessment Platform for Coursework

Thursday 31st March 2022 @1PM GMT

If you're just getting started with digital assessment, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

This session focuses on how digital assessment platforms can help institutions offer reliable, authentic and efficient assessment experiences to learners and educators alike; future-proofing your assessment provision and embedding change for good. We’re ready, if you are.

The hosts for this session are:


Harvey Tayman
Inspera UK


Simon Martin
Inspera UK

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Inspera is a digital assessment solution which can be used to deliver a wide range of assessment types: from high-stakes summative exams, to open-book formative quizzes.

In this online session, we will discuss how a digital assessment platform can be used to manage coursework based assessments. 

This will include a demonstration of:
  • Use of essay and file upload for coursework
  • Handling late submissions of assignments
  • Grading manually marked coursework assignments

Join us to learn more about how you can deliver rich, engaging and accessible online coursework.

The event was hosted by Harvey Tayman and Simon Martin.

Who should attend?

  • Examination/Institution Senior Leaders
  • Examination/Institution Administrators
  • Learning Technologists and Psychometricians
  • Course/Program Directors
  • Learning Design professionals

There is more!

Explore all our tailor-made content, which we curated specially for the attendees of this event. What you will find:

  • eBook ‘The Complete Roadmap to Online Assessment’
  • Our guide on ‘How to create better exams’
  • This webinar will be recorded and you’ll receive a copy after the event.

About The Hosts

Harvey Tayman
Key Account Manager, Inspera UK

Harvey Tayman is Key Account Manager at Inspera UK. He is focused on partnering with leading educational institutions to improve student outcomes through the adoption of digital assessment technology. He has over 5 years of experience within digital assessment, where he has seen first hand the benefits that digital assessment and online marking can bring to students as well as educators. Away from work, he is a fan of football, running and good beer - although not at the same time.

Simon Martin
Digital Assessment Consultant, Inspera UK

Simon Martin has over 15 years experience working in Education having taught English abroad, worked in a college admissions department, managed the VLE at a university, and been the digital operations manager for an online education provider. He knows from experience the challenges faced when implementing new education technologies, but also the enormous benefits for everyone when it’s done well.

Like a lot of millennials fast approaching middle-age, he has a dog and has decided that’s as grown up as he can be. He is also an Australian who hates the sun so lives in Manchester for obvious reasons. He definitely wrote this bio himself.

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