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Inspera e-Assessment Implementation Guide

Learn more about how to implement and rollout your e-assessment project.

These pages takes you through the steps required to prepare, approve implement and evaluate a digital exams project. If you and your organization are considering a digital exams project, already planning it or have already begun implementing Inspera Assessment, then this guide contains helpful materials. The stages for implementation are defined and you will find examples and templates based upon best practices from a range of Higher Education and K-12 organizations.

Project Strategy

Implementation Activities

A project plan is the step-by-step instruction for how to implement Inspera Assessment in your organization. You may have to do this as part of the project brief before you obtain the internal go ahead. You may also do this at the very outset of the actual project after it has been approved. Inspera's Project Plan Blueprint is based on many years of experience in implementation and contains the following stages:

Project resources