How to Choose Your Team

To establish the right teams from the start is essential in order to accomplish a successful implementation project. The following functions should be considered, although it depends on the scope of your project:

  • a project team
  • a reference group for the project
  • a superuser group
  • a steering group/committee

The time required from the people involved will, of course, depend on the scope of the pilot. Is the pilot a part of a bigger roll-out plan or is it just testing on a very limited scale?

Project Team

The project team should include representatives from all departments in order to cover all the requirements and needs of the project. The members of the project team should have a dedicated role in the project. You should include:

  • Project manager
  • Staff working in different parts of the organization
  • Administration/Exam office
  • Representatives that cover the needs of:
    • Graders/markers
    • Invigilators
  • IT department

Reference Group

The reference group should contain staff members and students that will be able to test and comment on the processes and the product throughout the project.

Superuser Group

The superuser group should include those you are planning to involve during the project, e.g. authors and graders. The group members will also be trainers for the rest of the users in your organisation. For K-12 it is important to assign one designated superuser for each org.unit subject to Inspera implementation. It is common to have some overlap between the members of the project team and the superuser group. You could include:

  • Staff working in different parts of the organization
  • Administration/Exam office
  • Graders
  • Invigilators
  • IT department

Steering Group/Committee

The project members should be able to raise important decisions and risks to the steering group/committee. This way, any issues can be resolved quickly, allowing the project to progress in a timely manner. You should include:

  • Decision-makers
    • Representatives from management
  • Representatives from the teachers/staff involved
  • End-user representatives (students/candidates)

The project manager should report to the steering group.