The Digital Assessment Podcast | Episode #006:

How Jönköping University Innovated with Digital Assessment

In this episode, we're joined by Morgan Holm, Digital Exam System Manager at Jönköping University in Sweden. Morgan talks about JU's experience implementing digital assessment and some of the innovative practices the university has adopted. Tune in to find out more digital access management, app development, people-centric change and much more!

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About the guest:

morgan-grayscale-300x300Morgan Holm is a Software Maintenance Manager at Jönköping University, Sweden. Has lead the implementation work of Inspera and digitalization of assessment at JU, as of 2017. Before working at JU, Morgan was managing VLE,s, system integrations and furthering development of ICT-issues on behalf of Jönköping county schools for the central Board and Administrations. Before that Morgan has his background in teaching of English and Swedish on an upper secondary level. The altogether 25-year-experience in the field of education has been valuable when implementing e-assessment at a university level, as the understanding of Pedagogics and people being affected by the new routines, has proven to be vital.

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