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Inspera, a global leader in digital assessment solutions, has reached an agreement with Proctorio to add Inspera’s new similarity and AI generated text detection to Proctorio’s suite of solutions to help prevent plagiarism.

Proctorio is one of the world’s leading providers of online proctoring solutions and this collaboration is set to redefine academic integrity. Proctorio has seamlessly integrated advanced plagiarism prevention and AI content detection with the Instructure Canvas SpeedGrader (additional LMS integrations are coming soon).

The landscape of education is undergoing an unprecedented shift, and safeguarding academic integrity has emerged as a paramount concern. As a response to this challenge, Inspera and Proctorio have united to uphold the authenticity and originality of academic work.

Inspera also recently announced the acquisition of Crossplag, whose similarity and AI generated content detection technology is at the heart of this new development. This new deal with Proctorio is the start of including that technology within Inspera’s existing product ecosystem and providing enhanced AI generated text detection with partners.

With this groundbreaking partnership, educators and institutions can anticipate transformative advantages, including a streamlined process and assured authenticity of academic submissions. The seamless integration also simplifies the grading process for academics using Canvas, granting educators the bandwidth to focus on teaching and their goals.

“This new agreement makes Inspera’s new AI generated text detection and similarity checking available to a substantial number of users worldwide.” said Andrew Cons, Global CEO at Inspera. “As AI technology evolves, it’s important that education providers can access the tools to work with that technology and maintain academic integrity.”

Milan Dordevic, Director of Product Development at Proctorio, added “As the leading provider of automated proctoring services, our aim has always been to give administrators the tools they need to maintain academic integrity in a rapidly evolving environment. Similarity and AI detection tools help us achieve that goal by offering our partners a more comprehensive suite of solutions.”

Further Inspera product developments following the acquisition of Crossplag will be announced in the coming months.

About Inspera

Inspera is a global leader in digital examination solutions, supporting educational institutions, professional organisations, and awarding bodies worldwide. Our cutting-edge ecosystem ensures efficient, effective, and accessible assessments. Educational institutions worldwide are using Inspera to digitally deliver standardised tests, open and closed-book exams, final exams, and coursework assessments, on-site or in a hybrid/remote environment. Founded in 1999, Inspera serves active users in over 160 countries across five continents. The EdTech company’s end-to-end ecosystem and remote proctoring services, combined with superior customer service, ensure successful institution-wide adoption and implementation. Inspera integrates with key education technology platforms such as Anthology’s Blackboard Learn, Instructure Canvas, Brightspace by D2L, and Moodle. Inspera has global offices in Oslo, Chicago, London, Lisbon, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Stockholm, Brisbane and Berlin.

About Proctorio


Proctorio, a leading remote proctoring solutions provider, is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of online exams and assessments for institutions around the world. Proctorio ensures a secure and dependable platform for remote proctoring, creating a fair testing experience for all users. With offices in the United States and Europe, Proctorio’s reach extends to millions of test-takers globally, making it a reliable choice for institutions seeking trustworthy online exam solutions.


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