Release Plan 2018

This is a live document that is updated frequently. Last updated: 15th October 2018.

The Release Plan lists planned releases and specific updates scheduled for release within the next 4-8 weeks, or already released in 2018.

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Release dates

Features Overview

7th Dec Features Activation required Licence General release
  QTI 2.1 Question Set Export Yes    
  API - Support for creating tests based on test templates  No    
  New type of group exam - Secure Student Managed Groups No    
  Other improvements 
  • Refinements to the PDF grading protocol
  • Dynamic vertical split for Section layout with Left stimulus
2nd Nov Features Activation required Licence General release
  Support for Appeals Yes    
  Support for disabling  student delivery (per test)  Yes    
  API for GDPR Right of access  No    
   Support for limiting number of characters in numeric and text entry  No    
  Support for rotating Inspera Scan sketches in grading No    
  Filter tests by date in modal for synchronising external tests (specific to Norwegian Higher Ed) Yes    
  Other improvements 
  • SEB 2.2.2 for Windows released
  • Show group info for admin defined groups
  • Prevent non-numeric input in numeric entry question type
  • Annotation: Fixed issue with not informing graders when saving a comment was not successfully completed
  • Print & Download Manager: Fixed issue with 'Answers only' mode, where bullet lists and images in question would not always be hidden as they should


5th Oct Features Activation required Licence General release
  Video support in questions and player No    
Beta Inspera API - Webhooks No    
  Support for setting a  date for when publishing restrictions on a submission ends No    
  Support for restricting visibility of submissions in Urkund No    
Beta LTI Support Yes    
  Other improvements 
  • SEB for Windows Version 2.1.8 will no longer be supported
  • MacOS versions 10.11 and older will no longer be supported when running SEB
  • Improved sorting in Monitor (most notably in handling of fields with values containing spaces or other special characters)
  • FS Person ID (Norway) has been made visible and editable
  • Improved handling of grading committee management for tests with many graders
  • Fixed bug related to applying threshold values not always updating grade for all candidates
  • Bug allowing Planners (without extended access) to edit shared test templates is fixed
  • Bug preventing question from being saved if Author uses “&” in alternatives is fixed
  • Bug causing old committee membership to be shown when changing from group to individual delivery

3rd Aug Features Activation required Licence General release
  SEB 2.1.3 for MacOS N/A    
  Test status field improved No    
  CSV user import extended Yes    
  Other improvements 
  • Internet Explorer 11 no longer supported
6th July Features Activation required Licence General release
  Invigilator password for open book tests Yes    
  Add URLs and PDFs as resources to question sets No    
  Set custom login help text for student and admin users Yes    
  Taxonomy Yes    
  Other improvements 
  • Fixed issue with annotations sometimes lost when placed outside of margin
  • Fixed issue with submissions in some cases not showing completely in URKUND
  • Improved support for decimals in grading tool
1st June Features Activation required Licence General release
  Merging submission PDFs optional No    
  Improved handling of candidates using multiple browser tabs No    
  Other improvements 
  • New option to allow started file uploads to complete after test closes.
    Requires activation. 
  • Improved handling of poor network connection during test startup and submission
  • Taxonomies (beta): Filter Questions and Question Sets by Taxonomy nodes
  • Grading: Fixed issue with printing comments (Annotation) in Grading
  • Protocol / FS: Fixed issue with assessment combination missing from protocol
  • Fixed issue where candidates would in some cases wrongly be flagged as offline
4th May Features Activation required Licence General release
  Update all questions in question set to latest version No    
  Set custom Day Password No    
  Configure passwords in Templates No    
  Edit Design and Assessment settings after test activation No    
  Override candidate progress No    
  Export Monitor Data as CSV No    
  Other improvements 
  • Performance improvements in Monitor
  • Sketch Code Sheet: ID and the room info in page header and improved sorting
  • Inspera API: SEB-password included in API
  • Templates: Fixed issue with Ladok as default sync not updating
  • Adding Contributors: Fixed issue with deactivated users showing in search results
  • Author: Fixed issue with copying question set not duplicating questions
  • Author: Fixed issue with removing labels from questions
  • Grading Protocol: Fixed issue with missing assessment combination field
  • Removed "Paste from word" in Essay toolbar due to limited browser support
  • Removed "Cut" in Essay toolbar due to limited support in Mac SEB 2.1.2
6th April Features Activation required Licence General release
  SEB 2.2 for Windows No     
  QTI 2.2 No    
  Additional Resources Yes    
Beta Criteria Marking N/A   4th May
Closed beta Taxonomy Yes    6th July
Closed beta Question Set Analytics No* Plus subscription or UNINETT licence Q3 2018
Closed beta ExamDuty  N/A Inspera ExamDuty SLA  TBA
Closed beta API for Re-assessment / Appeals N/A    TBA
  Other improvements 
  • PDF panels now supported in Document item type
  • Activated tests: New warning/confirmation when changing grading workflow settings
  • New column for Evaluation type in test list
  • New grade scales: 
    • UG (Sweden)
    • 10-0 (Iceland)
    • Updated AB, BA, B, U scale for improved sync with Ladok (Sweden)
  • Improved validation of Numeric Entry input fields during exams
  • Scantron: Register handed in sketches directly in Sketch Column 
  • Scantron: Register handed in sketches for candidates with any status
  • Planners can now reopen grading also for tests without committees
  • Grading: New column in candidate list with total marks per candidate
  • New warning/confirmation for graders confirming final grades
  • New column for Evaluation type in test list
  • PDF files attached to submissions now downloadable from Student Dashboard
  • FS (Norway): Improved group exam support
  • FS (Norway): Support for transferring grades back to FS for unlinked tests

*Automatically activated for customers with Item bank activated

2nd March Features  Activation required  Licence General release
  Text to Speech for students No     
  Inspera API Yes    
  Flagging of candidates in Monitor No     
 Closed beta Code Compiler question type N/A  Separate licence  TBA
Closed beta Bachelor and Master publishing N/A    TBA
Closed beta Additional Resources N/A     6th April
Closed beta Explanations API  N/A     TBA
  Other improvements 
  • Analytics: Improved p-value calculations for manually overridden marks
  • Analytics: Fixed bug for questions getting order 0
  • Scantron uploads: Improved handling of 500+ files
  • Spellchecker: Enabling options to "Ignore" and "Ignore all"
  • Matching questions: Improved image scaling in Author
  • New grade scale: G-Ux-X (Sweden)
  • FS Support for syncing tests from the past
  • FS Improved sync when end time and duration fields are empty
  • FS Person ID for admin users - Being rolled out
  • FS Sync: Improved support for 1000+ candidates
  • Help Panel updated
2nd Feb Features  Activation required  Licence General release
  Templates for tests  No    
  Publish grades to student dashboard  Yes    
  PDF and Print Manager improvements  No     

Other Improvements:

  • PDF panels and attachments included when downloading Question Set as PDF
  • Automatic merging of all uploaded PDFs (Home exams)
  • Automatic merging of Question PDF and uploaded submission PDFs (Home exams)
  • Export of analytics data from item bank would in some cases not adhere to the active test context filter
  • When searching for multiple labels in the item bank and writing 2 symbols or less in the search field, already filtered labels in the filter would be reset
  • In the marks and final grades CSV marks from multiple graders would be added on the same line
  • Using a custom value for “Limit SEB file availability” would break SEB login on Demo exams
  • When using inverted contrast on SEB for Mac there was an issue with loading of inline PDFs
  • If the candidate used the edit formula tool to make a formula, the Equation would not show when the candidate downloaded the submission review
  • The created by filter in the item bank would limit users to those that have the planner role when filtering questions and question sets
  • The Excel export in Grading would misleadingly allow planners to export, but never include any grades since planners never set grades. This option is now disabled for users that are not assigned to grade. We have also improved handling of candidates that did not start or submitted in both export and import
  • There was an issue with the threshold editor where manual marks were not being included in some cases
  • In some cases the duration value shown in the analytics data would be off by a factor of 10
  • Saved views sorted by some specific fields in the Item Bank and Monitor could in some cases lead to invalid views that would not load correctly
  • In some rare cases changes in an external Student Administrative System could lead to multiple emails being sent about the same changes
  • Syncing of evaluators and candidates in committees that have completed grading caused problems in some cases, handling of this has now been improved
  • Enabling of spell checker during a test required navigation by the candidate in order to take effect, this has now been fixed so that it takes effect immediately
  • Batch adding of questions from the item bank no longer shows questions that are already in the question set
  • Improved handling of test title containing apostrophe
  • There was an issue with new planners added to a test not getting permission to the grading instructions
  • Fixed some translation errors