22th August 2018

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5th July 2018

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4th May 2018

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26th April 2018

Skage Hansen confirmed as speaker

Skage Hansen is a math teacher at Engebråten secondary school in Oslo and the winner of Holmboeprisen 2018. 
He is inspired by the Singapore style of teaching mathematics. Using in depth learning, flipped classroom and problem-based learning he and his students have achieved outstanding results.



6th April 2018

Seminar pages published

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About the Seminar

The Exam Digitisation Journey: Benefits, Pitfalls, and the Way Forward


How do we scale e-assessment solutions? How do we successfully move an item bank from paper to digital? What can we learn from the early adopters? What can we learn from those who have just started their digitisation journey? How do we successfully digitise STEM subjects? What are the benefits of e-assessment, and what are the pitfalls? 


These key questions (and many others) are front and centre at Inspera’s 2018 conference. Together with our partners, keynote speakers, universities, and schools, we will take this opportunity to learn more about the exciting topic of the exam digitisation journey. We will focus on the internationalisation and generalisation of digital exams, across countries, and across different sectors and levels of education.  


Scandinavia is the birthplace of digital exams. With success stories from Denmark (2010), and Norway (2008), the transition from pen & paper to digital examinations is now making its way to all parts of the globe. It may come as no surprise that the growth in digitisation abroad has sparked an interest in the Scandinavian experience, from universities, governments, schools and awarding bodies alike. As Norwegian universities are quickly approaching 90 percent adoption rates of digital exams, their experiences from the past six years of digitisation becomes more and more important. Institutions that have only just started the digitisation journey, or are still contemplating the pros and cons of moving away from pen & paper, can draw valuable lessons from the Scandinavians. Vice versa, we stand to learn a great deal from early adopters outside Scandinavia, who are building on these experiences to successfully deliver e-assessment solutions for their students.

Norwegian universities will be invited to take a step back and share their practical experiences of how to plan and implement the transition through years 1-5. UK Universities will be invited to share their year-1 experiences with a focus on the benefits and challenges of the transition process, while Swedish schools and awarding bodies with global reach will share their views on how to successfully manage and harvest the early potentials of digital examinations. 


The 2018 Inspera seminar is promising to be a great event, for veterans of the digitisation journey and newcomers alike. Join us as we explore the promises, the pitfalls, and the future of exam digitisation!