Product labs

Looking for more information on new features, or just how to use existing ones? Interested in shaping the future of the product? If this sounds intriguing, we warmly invite you to visit our Product Lab! Each of the stations will be setup for small groups or one-to-one chats about product areas or product development. We'll be running alongside the main tracks, so you can come in and out as you please. Here's a taste of what the stations have in store.


Session 1: How to get Top Marks in Grading

We've been working hard on improving the grading module and want to walk you through all the new features. We've been working closely with a dedicated beta group to make sure we have the right functionality in place to cater for all the different requirements for a truly outstanding grading tool. Join one of our hands on sessions on moderation, communication & feedback, automarked questions, and exporting grade information. Feel free to ask about your area of interest, we're happy to take the time to make sure you know what options are available!


Session 2: Do you recognize this person? Refining Customer Profiles

Help us help you by spending some time with our user researcher! We've been investigating different user profiles and would like to hear your feedback on whether you recognize these profiles as part of your exam process. Taking you through motivations, tasks, resources, and frustrations for each one, talk us through how these people look on your campus and if we've missed anyone in our process. These user profiles are a starting point for us to then better understand the exam process journey, and will serve as a basis for our requirements process.


Session 3: Safe Exam Browser

Join Daniel Schneider from ETH for a deep dive discussion on Safe Exam Browser. Learn more about how this tool is used to ensure security as part of exam taking on both BYOD and managed computers.


Session 4: Hosted Discussion on Questions for Finance, Math and Science

We’ll be hosting a discussion on how schools support question creation for the topics that require more formulas as part of the examination experience. Join our chat about how to support different question types to ensure a fair assessment of knowledge.


Session 5: User Research on Learning Management Systems

Help us help you by spending some time with our user researcher! This discussion will be about how you use learning management systems and what expectations are for the role that it plays as part of your digital education. Where is the line drawn between assessment and learning management system? What should each system be responsible for?


Session 5: Inspera Scantron

It’s still possible to have a digital exam that includes a handwritten portion by using Inspera’s Scantron solution! Learn more about the options for this functionality and how it has been used.