Tracks will be run in parallel session during the seminar. Below are some of the confirmed tracks. More to come!

How-to Tracks

The How-To track contains sessions and workshops where we go through best practices and look at some of the functionality in the different Inspera Assessment modules. The sessions will be interactive with both show & tell, questions and testing it out for yourself.

How to Author

Hosted by Francesca Hovdal, Project Manager, Inspera AS

In our How to Author session we will go through some of the most used and new question types, and look at some best practices when creating a question set. The session will also include other topics such as collaboration between authors. 

How to Use Help Center

Hosted by Linn Therese Lie, Service Desk Manager, Inspera AS

The How to Help Center session will include information related to our new Help Center, documentation and other resources. We will also look at how to communicate to both Inspera and the community through the new pages, and go through some of the hot topics from the Service Desk. 


Tech Tracks

This track will give you short introductions to the different technical features in Inspera Assessment.

Session 1 - Getting started with Inspera API's

By Ivan Dervisevic, Senior Developer, Inspera AS

Intro session showing how the APIs and WebHooks can be used to develop two-way communication with Inspera

Session 2 - A look under the hood

By Hans Fredrik Unelsrød, CTO, Inspera AS

High-level overview of the technical architecture of Inspera Assessment. See how we have architected Inspera Assessment to be scalable and resilient

Session 3 - Building questions with PCI

See how the IMS PCI standard can be utilized to build your own question types from scratch

Session 4 - VDI (Virtual desktop infrastructure)

By Jarle Presttun, Full stack Developer, Inspera AS

A demo of how virtual desktop infrastructure can be utilized in Inspera to support BYOD locked down access to third party applications

Session 5 - R&D Projects

A high-level intro to what R&D at Inspera is working on

Session 6 - Inspera SEB

A much talked about concept is finally being rolled out. Come see in more detail what is included in version 1.0 of Inspera SEB

Session 7 - Inspera app for Chrome OS

By Jarle Presttun, Full stack Developer, Inspera AS

Chromebooks are popular in the education sector, with Chrome OS providing native support for a lockdown mode it’s a simple and secure solution to high-stakes lockdown testing. Come see a demo of how it works


Administration & Change Management Track 

This is a track where you decide the content. Our customers have many different challenges and it is often useful to discuss different solutions with other institutions. These sessions will be smaller groups where we will discuss different approaches to some of the challenges you will meet when rolling out a digital assessment solution.

We want you to give us feedback on what you would like to discuss or if you have a solution to a problem that you want to share.

Please klick here to send us your ideas  to bring up for discussion. 

Suggested themes for discussion:

  • Accessibility - Students with special needs
  • How to engage the academics in the system?
  • A successful implementation project - What does it take? And how do you get what you need?
  • Exam day - Focus on the process around the exam day, best practices and preparations for both location and staff
  • How do we digitize the last % and do we want to?