Getting started with e-assessment

On-Demand | 61 Minutes

With much teaching planned for next year being transferred to online delivery, there is never a better time to also consider a move to eAssessment.

This webinar looks at some of the reasons why moving to eAssessment should be seen as a positive and also outline some of the experiences found by staff and students when it was introduced on the LLB at Leeds Beckett University this year.

Hylton Abrahams will discuss the key levers identified in achieving high levels of adoption and satisfaction at Victoria University of Wellington, and the approach to managing key factors and stakeholder risks in achieving a successful outcome for the University.


  • Deveral Capps, Leeds Beckett University, Dean of Leeds Law School.
  • Hylton Abrahams, Victoria University of Wellington, Programme Manager.
  • Donald Lancaster, University of Bath, Director of Studies.

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