Introducing Season 2 of the Digital Assessment Podcast

Suzanna Doran
February 15, 2022

We’re very excited to announce that the second season of The Digital Assessment Podcast is out now. In season one, we talked about how assessment has changed in recent years and how we expect it to evolve in the future, with episodes from our Digital Assessment Consultants sharing tips on how to reap the long term benefits of digital assessment. 

In this season, we’re focusing on the topic of innovation in assessment. In the first episode, out now, Harvey Tayman talks about the factors that drive innovation in assessment, how institutions can go about adopting digital platforms and the role that technology companies play in supporting innovation. 

In the second episode, coming soon, Donald Lancaster talks about his experience running a digital assessment pilot and subsequently scaling adoption across The University of Bath. We discuss everything from assessment redesign to student experience and academic integrity. 

Finally, in the third episode, Morgan Holm shares some of the innovative practices that have been implemented at Jönköping University. He discusses the importance of people-centric change management and collaboration, as well as talking about some of the digital tools and processes that the university has adopted. Keep reading to find out more about this season’s guests!

Picture of Harvey Tayman
Harvey Tayman, Key Account Manager at Inspera UK 

Harvey is focused on partnering with leading educational institutions to improve student outcomes through the adoption of digital assessment technology. He has over 5 years of experience with digital assessment, where he has seen first-hand the benefits that digital assessment and online marking can bring to students as well as educators. Away from work, he is a fan of football, running and good beer - although not at the same time.

Donald Lancaster, Director of Studies at The University of Bath 

Donald came to Bath University in 2014 after an established international advertising career. Working with Ad Agencies big and small, he trained in London before embarking internationally to the Middle East, the Far East, Asia Pacific, back to Europe and finally, 23 years later, London again. 

His interest and experience in the field led to guest-lecturing, then doctoral research and now a full-time commitment to teaching tomorrow’s marketers. His PhD examined the complex inter-company and inter-country relationships that drive the business of international advertising, looked at through the lens of Institutional Work. As part of his teaching practice, he champions the use of digital exams at the University of Bath.


Morgan Holm, Software Maintenance Manager at Jönköping University

Morgan has led the implementation work of Inspera and digitalization of assessment at JU, as of 2017. Before working at JU, Morgan was managing VLE,s, system integrations and furthering the development of ICT issues on behalf of Jönköping county schools for the central Board and Administrations. Before that Morgan has his background in teaching English and Swedish on an upper secondary level. Altogether 25-year-experience in the field of education has been valuable when implementing e-assessment at a university level, as the understanding of Pedagogics and people being affected by the new routines, has proven to be vital.

Want to tune in? The first episode is out now with the others coming soon. The Digital Assessment Podcast is available on our website, Apple, Spotify, Google or wherever you usually get your podcasts. 

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