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Inspera Assessment

Our Digital & Online Assessment Platform

Inspera Assessment is a cloud-based digital assessment platform that supports your institution’s exams, coursework, tests, quizzes, take-home assignments and portfolio cycle entirely on-screen.

Additional plug-in, Inspera Integrity Browser, provides enhanced online privacy and security for remote exams.

Plan. Design. Deliver. Grade. Share.

How it works

Your Digital Transformation

Inspera Assessment supports the entire digital assessment cycle, end to end.

Think of it like your assessment ecosystem, seamlessly integrating with your LMS and other Inspera products for a complete view of your institution’s learning, teaching and assessment cycle.

Add Inspera Integrity Browser to restrict access to other websites and applications during your exams to enhance security.

Plan icon


Plan your assessments, with a wide range of flexible options.

Design icon


Design assessments using over 25 question types & design options.

Deliver icon


Deliver assessments in any web browser on any device.

Grade icon


Grade & produce feedback for candidates, with multiple modes of grading and feedback options.

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Share assessment results and rich feedback to candidates.


Why Choose Inspera Assessment?

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Ensure grading meets your institution's requirements with double blind grading, automatic grading for objective questions, plus collaborative tools for graders.

Innovation icon


Provide your candidates with a user-friendly interface and take your assessment practices to the next level with quality, data-driven evidence.

Inclusion icon


Digital assessments are customizable and so more accessible for all. You can easily cater to individual requirements if there are candidates with accessibility needs.

Cost Effective

Digitalizing your assessments means less time planning, organizing and grading, leading to savings in time and resources.

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Fully Integrated

A smoother candidate and educator experience facilitated by full integration with your LMS and other Inspera products.

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Deliver formative, summative and diagnostic assessments within the ecosystem, including authentic exams, coursework, tests, quizzes, take-home assignments and portfolios

Security and Privacy

Integrity Browser Add-On

Enhance the security of your remote online assessments with Inspera Integrity Browser, our optional plug-in for Inspera Assessment. You can choose the resources and software candidates can access during assessments as we know every assessment is different.

Computer Access

Control the environment on a candidate's computer to prevent internet access, or limit access to certain websites.

Safeguard icon

Safeguard Exam Integrity

Commonly used by academic institutions, awarding bodies and governments to ensure integrity in digital exams.


Customized access permissions to third-party resources during the exam.

Screen rest icon

Screen Restrictions

Disables screen capturing capabilities, such as screenshots and screen recording.

Software safety icon

Software Safety

Certificate-based signing of applications and communications to ensure the software has not been tampered with.

Print icon

Print Restrictions

Turn off the possibility for candidates to print during the exam.

Webcam icon

Data reporting

Real-time security reporting for administrators, including logs of desktop apps, during the exam.

Copy and save icon

Save/Copy Restrictions

Disables functions that allow saving or copying questions and content.

The Inspera Ecosystem

Other Inspera Solutions

Using Inspera Assessment as the core, you can add whichever solutions you need for your institution or organization.

Inspera Proctoring

Record and review AI-assisted proctoring

Vector graphic of a webcam
  • AI-enabled
  • Webcam monitoring
  • Screen monitoring
  • Microphone monitoring
  • Flexible settings
  • Candidate check-in

Inspera Originality

Detect similarities and AI-generated text to determine plagiarism

Vector graphic of a certificate
  • Similarity detection
  • AI-generated text detection
  • Cross-language similarity checking
  • Full data control
  • Fast, accurate results
  • Direct source access
What our clients say

Inspera in Action

“The University of London has a diverse and globally distributed student population. Our choice of Inspera really reflects our need for an online assessment platform that is fit for the long term and gives us the flexibility to deliver a huge range of assessment types, securely, to any setting anywhere in the world. Our students have really appreciated that it is easy to use and supports the integrity of the award they have worked so hard to achieve.”

Michael Sawyer, Senior Project Manager, University of London

“Some students didn’t want to take the exam online simply because they were nervous. All of the students who did it online reported great satisfaction. All of the students who didn’t do it online, later said they wish they had done it. That is really interesting when you think about it.”

University of Bath

“The deans have been eager, as they can see the benefits. And once the users have transitioned to digital examination, they would not go back to the old system – there is no question of that. The use of digital examinations has risen steadily.”

University of Oslo

“At the University of Surrey, we want to provide our students with an exceptional student experience. Therefore, our move to Digital Assessment needed a service that provided feature rich software which fulfilled all our functional and non-functional requirements, but also one that would have an intuitive user interface. We also looked for a partner with a track record of working with institutions that have implemented Digital Assessment in the same way as we will. Inspera matched that profile”

Steve Hoole, Education Programme Manager, University of Surrey

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Inspera Assessment FAQs

Digital assessment is the digitalization of traditional exam and assessment methods that can be taken by a student on a digital device. This can be both on or offline and in a range of formats, from multiple choice tests to formal exams or even coursework submission. Digital assessments can provide immediate feedback to students and offer greater flexibility and accessibility for students in different locations.

Windows: 7, 8, and 10 on 64-bit platforms
MacOS: OS X 10.14 or higher
10 MBs of disk space
CPUs newer than 2011 (Intel Sandy Bridge or newer)
A broadband internet connection (0.15Mbps upload speed)

Inspera Assessment is compatible with the following learning management systems (LMS):
D2L Brightspace

Yes. Inspera Assessment fully integrates with all other Inspera products.

A lockdown browser will not by itself record a candidate during their exam. However, a lockdown browser can be combined with a proctoring solution which allows invigilators the additional security associated with real-time monitoring of test-takers.

A lockdown browser is a separate web browser or an app within an existing browser that prevents a candidate from accessing other applications or websites during an online exam or an assessment.