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Our Digital Assessment Ecosystem

Inspera is a cloud-based end-to-end assessment ecosystem, covering all your assessment needs entirely on-screen. Our flexible, modular products allow you to choose the right solution for your institution.

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Digital Assessment Products

Every institution has its own unique assessment cycle, so Inspera’s assessment software can be customized to fit you.

Our flexible, user-friendly platform facilitates a wide variety of diagnostic, formative and summative assessment formats, from live exams to continuously assessed coursework, portfolios and documents. All with the same familiar user interface for candidates and administrators.

Manage the entire digital and online assessment cycle – planning, authoring, delivery, proctoring, grading and feedback – all in one place or just the components you need to get started.

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Who is Inspera for?

Higher Education

Deliver assessments with integrity and a great student experience so your staff can grade and feedback efficiently.

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Awarding Organisations

Deliver certification exams at scale with a quality assurance process to match your standards.

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K-12 Education

Protect the integrity of your assessments with plagiarism detection and free up time for your staff to focus on core tasks.

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Streamline every part of the exam process on a local or national level with a secure and efficient examination infrastructure.

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Why Inspera?

Flexible Assessment with Integrity
Deliver flexible assessments with the right level of integrity for your context by combining our Assessment, Proctoring and Originality products.

Secure, Scalable, Modular and Customizable
We’re known around the globe for reliability, even when used at scale with thousands of simultaneous assessments. Allowing you to deliver assessments as you need to without compromise.

One Ecosystem
Inspera products can operate standalone or integrate seamlessly with each other and your existing learning, teaching and assessment tools. Making getting started as smooth a process as possible.

What our clients say

Inspera in Action

“Using Inspera Assessment hugely simplified our transition to digital assessments. The vast array of features accommodated diverse requirements, and the platform was simple to navigate and implement. Working with Inspera has been a pleasure!”

Dr Dee Scadden, Director of Teaching and Deputy Head of Department, Department of Biochemistry,
University of Cambridge

“The University of London has a diverse and globally distributed student population. Our choice of Inspera really reflects our need for an online assessment platform that is fit for the long term and gives us the flexibility to deliver a huge range of assessment types, securely, to any setting anywhere in the world. Our students have really appreciated that it is easy to use and supports the integrity of the award they have worked so hard to achieve.”

Michael Sawyer, Senior Project Manager, University of London

“At the University of Surrey, we want to provide our students with an exceptional student experience. Therefore, our move to Digital Assessment needed a service that provided feature rich software which fulfilled all our functional and non-functional requirements, but also one that would have an intuitive user interface. We also looked for a partner with a track record of working with institutions that have implemented Digital Assessment in the same way as we will. Inspera matched that profile”

Steve Hoole, Education Programme Manager, University of Surrey

“Some students didn’t want to take the exam online simply because they were nervous. All of the students who did it online reported great satisfaction. All of the students who didn’t do it online, later said they wish they had done it. That is really interesting when you think about it.”

University of Bath

“The deans have been eager, as they can see the benefits. And once the users have transitioned to digital examination, they would not go back to the old system – there is no question of that. The use of digital examinations has risen steadily.”

University of Oslo


Latest Industry Insights

What We Learned at the eAssessment Association Annual Conference and Awards 2024

The Inspera team were excited to be at the eAssessment Association Annual Conference and Awards last month. We took part in a number of presentations, providing insights into how we help awarding bodies and educational institutions digitize their assessment programmes all over the world. One highlight of the conference was the AI Symposium on the…

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A Few of Our FAQs

Inspera Assessment is compatible with the following learning management systems (LMS):
D2L Brightspace

Digital assessment is the digitalization of traditional exam and assessment methods that can be taken by a student on a digital device. This can be both on or offline and in a range of formats, from multiple choice tests to formal exams or even coursework submission. Digital assessments can provide immediate feedback to students and offer greater flexibility and accessibility for students in different locations.

A locked browser is a separate web browser or an app within an existing browser that prevents a candidate from accessing other applications or websites during an online exam or an assessment.

Proctored exams are assessments that are supervised by a proctor, someone appointed by an institution to ensure the exam follows regulation.

If delivered face to face, proctored exams are conducted in an invigilated exam hall, where the proctor makes sure proper conduct is maintained in-person. Online proctored exams are a digital version of an invigilated exam hall. During online proctored exams, students are monitored using a proctoring software, ensuring exam integrity is upheld.

Similarity detection is a technique to ensure academic integrity and maintain the value of education. It identifies and compares similarities between ideas and content compared to those already published.

In the context of universities, where reputation and the value of education are paramount, similarity detection plays a pivotal role in ensuring students cite their sources correctly and can prove they truly understand their topic.

AI detection is the process of evaluating a piece of content for the probability of generative AI use. In education, this is valuable to check whether students have improperly used AI for assessments and to check whether their work is their own.