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Why Work at Inspera?

Inspera is here to make a difference for educators and test-takers on a global scale. When you work with us, you embark on our journey to reinvent educational assessment.

Global Impact

We offer an end-to-end service, ensuring fair and inclusive assessments with end-users from more than 160 countries

Leading Technology

We are considered pioneers in our industry and are, among other things, enabling data-driven services such as automatic test construction, advanced analytics, and adaptive learning.

Improving Learning

Our goal is that an exam or a test should not only be an indicator of a student’s skill level at the time but a rewarding learning experience, facilitating increased global learning.

Innovative Environment

Inspera offers an innovative working environment in a fast-growing company where every person matters.

Opportunities at Inspera

To learn more about our data processing activities for Inspera Applicants, click here.


Thank you for your interest in Inspera. At this time, we do not have any open vacancies. Please check back periodically for future opportunities.

Personal Growth at Inspera

Inspera is a scale-up growing rapidly in all aspects, including the number of employees, customers, and end-users.

We are a well-funded company investing in our company and employees through strong cash flow.

Joining a scale-up gives you the opportunity to be a part of rapid growth where new career opportunities appear frequently.

You will also play a crucial part of defining the future of the company while having the support of a senior leadership group with experience in growing a company from scratch to market-leading in the US, and holding executive positions in major Norwegian corporations.

Benefits of Working with Inspera

A Meaningful Mission

We truly believe that we can make a difference for learners across borders and backgrounds. Education is an important part of creating a fulfilling life, and every test-taker should be assessed fairly. You can help drive the change.

A Diverse Working Environment

We are a diverse team with over 60% international employees and end-users in more than 160 countries. You can be a part of our well-funded company and join one of our teams in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK or Romania. We even have people working remotely from all over the world.

Flexible Working Options

We offer independence in the planning of our employees’ work-time and provide remote working options. We like what we do, but we also like our families and friends, and, as a company, we encourage a balanced work-life within normal business hours.

Social Activities and Perks

At Inspera, we prioritize team connectivity with local office meetings for comprehensive company updates and team bonding. Our brand new, collaborative offices offer a modern workspace, complemented by regular happy hours featuring snacks and drinks. We support employee well-being by providing all necessary equipment for a comfortable remote work experience.

What Our Team Says

As a former lecturer, it was a big step for me to quit teaching and start a career with something completely new. At Inspera, however, I have been able to influence the education of students and the working life of former professional colleagues.

Our product contributes and influences a closing phase in the lives of many students and is an important step in education. Digital exams have come to stay, and it’s wonderful to be a part of this. I’m proud to be part of the Inspera team.

Karina A. Olsen, Head of Onboarding

“Inspera has been at the forefront of the digital transformation of digital assessment for more than 10 years. Throughout this entire time I have seen the company and product evolve together with the market, and this transformation is only picking up pace with increased focus on integrity and equality in assessments. Seeing how we make a difference in the overall quality and availability of education is at the heart of why I enjoy working in Inspera. And with the ever growing number of services that we provide, built on a number of different technology stacks, there are always new and exciting challenges to work on in Inspera.”

Hans Fredrik Unelsrød, Principal Architect

“Having transformed myself through education, I have a strong sense of duty when it comes to helping change the lives of students all over the world for the better. That is what I’ve been doing in Inspera for almost seven years now. The experience I’ve gathered contributing to a world-class product and being in the midst of passionate colleagues who are both incredibly smart and share a vision for global educational advancement has been truly a privilege. Simply put, I’m proud of the impactful work we do. And I look forward to many more years of growth and innovation in this inspiring environment.”

Rajith Gun Hewage, Technical Architect

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