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Trusted the world over

“Using Inspera Assessment hugely simplified our transition to digital assessments. The vast array of features accommodated diverse requirements, and the platform was simple to navigate and implement. Working with Inspera has been a pleasure!”

Dr Dee Scadden, Director of Teaching and Deputy Head of Department, Department of Biochemistry,
University of Cambridge

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Inspera Assessment is compatible with the following learning management systems (LMS):
D2L Brightspace

Yes. Inspera Assessment fully integrates with all other Inspera products.

Yes. Inspera Originality can be used as a similarity checker without the AI-generated content prediction functionality.

No, institutions have full control of all data and submissions are not re-used for similarity checking.

A locked browser will not by itself record a candidate during their exam. However, a locked browser can be combined with a proctoring solution which allows invigilators the additional security associated with real-time monitoring of test-takers.

Inspera Originality checks a minimum of 1,000 words in 100 seconds with 62.26% more effectiveness in finding plagiarized content compared to competitors.