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At Inspera, we are dedicated to treating our employees and consultants with respect and decency. To promote high industry standards and broaden our beneficial influence, we collaborate with partners and stakeholders from our sector and supply chain.

The purpose of this declaration is to fulfill Inspera’s reporting requirements as established in the Norwegian Act on Business Transparency and Work with Fundamental Human Rights and Decent Working Conditions (from now onwards referred to as the “Transparency Act”) (Norwegian: Åpenhetsloven). This statement covers Inspera AS and it shared the same fundamental corporate processes, supply chains and auxiliary procedures with all its subsidiaries. This document aims to lay forth the actions that Inspera has carried out in order to regulate business operations throughout the supply chain, demonstrating the company’s dedication to upholding basic human rights and providing a safe workplace for every employee and consultant, as well as Inspera’s efforts to reduce risks and foster positive outcomes.


Transparency Act