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Live and Remote
Proctoring Solution

Your Eyes and Ears Enhanced


Deliver flexible, scalable exams with integrity.

Live and recorded remote proctoring solutions that flag potential breaches in real-time and in review. Choose to use your institution’s proctors or Inspera’s own.

Live and Recorded

How Does Inspera Proctoring Work?

Inspera Proctoring is a remote proctoring solution that allows monitoring of candidates via your choice of their camera, microphone and recording of their screen. You can choose to live proctor or to record and review after the exam.

AI flags potential breaches so you can view as much of each recording as you feel necessary to be assured of academic integrity.

Academic Integrity

Continuous monitoring and recording of exams on an individual basis so you can decide if your regulations have been met.

Event Flagging

Events can be viewed either as a list or visually, allowing you to quickly navigate points of potential interest.

Identity Checks

Verify the identity of a candidate so that you can have confidence that the right person is taking an exam.

AI Assistance

AI flags streamline the review process by allowing you to focus on specific events and maintain academic integrity.


Why Choose Inspera Proctoring?

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A range of options to suit each exam. Live? Recorded? Your proctors or Inspera’s? This is truly flexible assessment with integrity.


GDPR compliant and role based so that only those who need access to the data can see it.

Easy to Use

Integrated with Inspera Assessment or an LMS, the simplicity of our exam process allows test-takers to focus on doing their best work.


Candidates no longer needed at a specific location and time, so exams can be taken anywhere, anytime during the assessment window.

Cost Effective

The administrative burden and logistical costs involved is greatly reduced when proctoring is conducted online.

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Environment Control

Choose the right context for your exam with confidence: fully locked down, open or a hybrid approach.

Security and Integrity

Candidate Features

System Readiness Checks

A simple, guided check-in process prepares candidates for taking their exam and makes sure their device is ready.

Candidate Check-in

A simple, automated process to verify candidates’ identity and make sure that their microphone and webcam are working properly.

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Live Assistance

Support can be accessed throughout an exam, whether you choose to use in-house or Inspera proctors.

The Inspera Ecosystem

Other Inspera Solutions

Using Inspera Assessment as the core, you can add whichever solutions you need for your institution or organization.

Inspera Assessment

Author, Deliver, Grade and Feedback

Vector graphic of a cloud and arrows pointing towards and away
  • LMS integration
  • Scalable
  • Network resilience
  • Flexible delivery
  • Grading workflows
  • Rich feedback

+ Inspera Integrity Browser

Integrated plug-in for additional exam integrity

Inspera Originality

Detect similarities and AI-generated text to determine plagiarism

Vector graphic of a certificate
  • Similarity detection
  • AI-generated text detection
  • Cross-language similarity checking
  • Full data control
  • Fast, accurate results
  • Direct source access
What Our Clients say

Inspera in Action

“Using Inspera Assessment hugely simplified our transition to digital assessments. The vast array of features accommodated diverse requirements, and the platform was simple to navigate and implement. Working with Inspera has been a pleasure!”

Dr Dee Scadden, Director of Teaching and Deputy Head of Department, Department of Biochemistry,
University of Cambridge

“Some students didn’t want to take the exam online simply because they were nervous. All of the students who did it online reported great satisfaction. All of the students who didn’t do it online, later said they wish they had done it. That is really interesting when you think about it.”

University of Bath

“The deans have been eager, as they can see the benefits. And once the users have transitioned to digital examination, they would not go back to the old system – there is no question of that. The use of digital examinations has risen steadily.”

University of Oslo

“The University of London has a diverse and globally distributed student population. Our choice of Inspera really reflects our need for an online assessment platform that is fit for the long term and gives us the flexibility to deliver a huge range of assessment types, securely, to any setting anywhere in the world. Our students have really appreciated that it is easy to use and supports the integrity of the award they have worked so hard to achieve.”

Michael Sawyer, Senior Project Manager, University of London

“At the University of Surrey, we want to provide our students with an exceptional student experience. Therefore, our move to Digital Assessment needed a service that provided feature rich software which fulfilled all our functional and non-functional requirements, but also one that would have an intuitive user interface. We also looked for a partner with a track record of working with institutions that have implemented Digital Assessment in the same way as we will. Inspera matched that profile”

Steve Hoole, Education Programme Manager, University of Surrey

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Proctoring FAQs

Inspera Proctoring is compatible with a broad range of operating systems in order to include as many users as possible in assessments.

Windows: 7, 8 and 10 on 64-bit platforms
Mac OS X: 10.14 and higher
500 MB of disk space
Web camera & microphone (internal or external)
A broadband internet connection (0.15Mbps upload speed)
CPUs newer than 2011 (Intel Sandy Bridge or newer)

Proctored exams are assessments that are supervised by a proctor, someone appointed by an institution to ensure the exam follows regulation. If delivered face to face, proctored exams are conducted in an invigilated exam hall, where the proctor makes sure proper conduct is maintained in-person. Online proctored exams are a digital version of an invigilated exam hall. During online proctored exams, students are monitored using a proctoring software, ensuring exam integrity is upheld.

Just like an in-person proctor, online proctoring software allows you to check whether exam regulations are followed by candidates. Candidate behavior can be monitored using a webcam, microphone and screen recording. The proctoring software flags suspected behavior for review by a human.

Online proctoring can be divided into two groups:

Record and review proctoring
Record and review proctoring is an efficient way for a proctor to review candidate behavior after an assessment. In automated proctoring, the proctoring software records the student via webcam, microphone, and screen capture and flags suspicious behavior in the recordings for review at a later date. The invigilator can then decide to review the whole recording or just the flagged parts and take further action if needed.

Live proctoring
With live proctoring, a proctor watches a candidate in real-time as they take their exam. The proctor sees multiple candidates at the same time via their webcam and can intervene if required. A recording of the session is also created so that it can be reviewed post-exam.