User Conference in Sweden Sheds Light on Everyday Use of Inspera

Magnus Rittnor
September 30, 2019

How can Inspera Assessment help future forklift truck drivers to acquire their license? Which features are used the most in primary and secondary schools? How do institutions setup integrations between the assessment platform and other learning systems? These questions and a lot more were on the table at the Swedish user conference.   

In mid-August customers from Swedish municipalities met and shared their ideas on and experience with the use of digital exams. The purpose of the event was to provide the users of Inspera Assessment with a hands-on introduction to new features as well as giving the users a platform for knowledge sharing. The municipality of Linköping kindly hosted the event, which brought together teachers, product owners and decisionmakers alike.  

When passionate teachers are thinking outside the box

One of the great things about a user conference is that new ways of interacting with the assessment platform can be introduced. Teacher Agne Svensson from Vårgårda municipality showed the participants how he makes use of Inspera Assessment as a pedagogical tool in his everyday teaching. Agne Svenssons teaches young forklift truck drivers at Sundlergymnasiet, and he has gone to the trouble of typing in a whole course to Inspera Assessment. This means that the students can access 250 questions and use them for self-studies as well as self-assessment.

As part of the teaching Agne Svensson filters the incorrect questions and uses them as a way of sparking a discussion. He makes the students rephrase and explain the questions they got wrong, and most of the times it turns out that the students actually did know the answers in the first place. This practice prepares the students for their final exam when they might know the answers, but could be rattled by the formal situation. Another advantage for the student is that they don’t have to carry textbooks around, but can access the course in Inspera Assessment as long as they have an internet connection.

Swedish user conference K12   

Positive feedback from the attending customers

All the participants responded that they had been satisfied with the user conference. Actually, the main complaint about the conference was that it only lasted one day – most of the participants would have liked to dive even deeper into the discussions. As one of the participants put it: “It was inspiring to see the different examples of how to work within Inspera Assessment, and the conference was a good mix of lectures and information. Perhaps you could allocate even more time to exchange experiences”.  

As a result of the feedback the user conference next autumn is going to last for two whole days. This means that, hopefully, there will be plenty of time to discuss, share and learn.   

More user conferences coming up

Would you like to attend the next user conference in Sweden? Please contact Customer Success Manager Magnus Rittnor if you would like to know more or join the community of users:

Upcoming events in 2020

  • 30th January 2020 in Stockholm: User conference for product owners
  • 22nd and 23rd September 2020: User conference for teachers, product owners and management

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