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How Inspera Helps Governments

Using Inspera Assessment will streamline your national exams or local-level assessments and deliver both formative and summative assessments on a large scale.

We believe maintaining academic integrity for all our partners is the highest priority. When we work with government departments, programs and ministries of education, it is crucial we provide both secure and inclusive digital exams and assessments.

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Inspera Assessment for National and Local Government

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Future Compliant

Learning technology enables us to create digital citizens. Digital assessment is all about learners applying their knowledge and skills to real-world situations. We call it authentic assessment.

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Our digital and online assessment platform enables all candidates to prove their skills in a fair, valid and reliable way - free from any barriers, limitations, or unnecessary restrictions.

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Streamlined Process

Digital assessment is cost-effective and reduces the number of administrative hours spent on exams and reduces paper usage - good for costs and the environment!

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Privacy by Design

Personal data is always protected and can only be connected to an identifiable test-taker with the use of additional information stored outside of the platform.


Customer Stories

See how other regions are successfully transitioning to digital assessment.

Inspera Products

We offer an end-to-end assessment platform with additional solutions that cover all
your assessment needs entirely on-screen.

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