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About the Podcast

Catch up on the latest digital assessment news with Inspera. In each episode, we’ll cover everything from industry trends, to practical tips and user stories. Do you want to find out how to successfully implement e-assessment? Perhaps you’d like to learn about the pros and cons of proctoring? Or are you interested in authentic assessment? Join us as we talk about these topics and more with experts from around the world.



About the host

Suzanna Doran is a former teacher with experience working on EdTech projects globally. Now she works as a Digital Content Lead at Inspera, creating educational content for current and prospective users. She is passionate about innovation in education and loves sharing success stories from institutions all around the world. 

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Latest episodes:


Episode #03

November 2, 2021 // Duration: 45:53

How to implement digital assessment for long term success

Hosted by Suzanna Doran
Guests: Simon Martin and Matthew Godfrey

In this episode, we talk with Matthew and Simon, Digital Assessment Consultants at Inspera, about the benefits of digital assessment and the importance of a smooth implementation for long-term success. Tune in for tips on stakeholder engagement, managing expectations and more. 


Episode #02

November 2nd, 2021 // Duration: 35:55

What are the long term benefits of digital assessment?

Hosted by Suzanna Doran
Guests: Ishan Kolhatkar 

In this episode, Ishan Kolhatkar talks about some of the long term benefits of digital assessment. Ishan worked in UK higher education before joining Inspera and now works with a number of institutions across the country, helping them to transition to digital assessment. If you'd like to hear more about authentic assessment, efficient grading and student satisfaction, listen now.


Episode #01

November 2nd, 2021 // Duration: 33:02

The past, present and future of assessment

Hosted by Suzanna Doran
Guests: Bjørn Rustberggard

In the first episode of The Digital Assessment podcast, we talk with Bjørn Rustberggaard, CEO at Inspera. We chat about the reasons behind the foundation of Inspera, how assessment has changed in the past few decades, the effect of the pandemic and what he hopes to see in the future.

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