How we work

We put our customers and their learners first. Digital high-stakes testing is about people and processes, not about technology in itself. Inspera has more than a decade's worth of experience working as a trusted partner for educational institutions that trust our Scandinavian approach.

Scandinavian pedagogy

Scandinavian pedagogy is part of our DNA. IT and digital tools are a means to support active learners improve learning outcomes as learners can use them to build, play, experiment, and design. IT and digital tools are also a large part of modern work life and of modern democracy. To be an active citizen in Scandinavia, digital competence in itself is required.

From the outset, we have understood that digital assessment is not just about getting rid of pen, paper & hand writing. Digital assessment is the bridge between school, work, and active citizenship. It secures alignment between the tools used in everyday teaching and evaluations, and those learners will be using in their professional life. And, it allows for assessment of learner's digital competence in itself, which is essential to ensure equal access for all Scandinavians to public digital solutions. Without online assessment, there can be no deep integration of IT and digital tools in everyday education.  

Our strength is collaboration  

Every type of assessment is different. Though we strive to support all assessment forms through our best-of-breed, standard solution, we tailor our services and delivery models to customers' needs. Whatever the challenge, our response is collaboration. For innovation and R&D, service & solution strategy, learning analytics & performance measurement, integration & implementation, we have proven frameworks and methods for working closely with customers, their users, and their other suppliers. It is our aim that customers do not just license our SaaS, but that we find the best end-to-end support for their assessments, partners and users at all levels.

High stakes, low pulse

Assessments are business-critical to our customers. Secure, scalable and reliable solutions are crucial. Inspera has first-hand experience with the complexity of large-scale deployments and have worked with governmental bodies for more than a decade. We comply with all the requirements associated with high-stakes assessments: regulations & audit demands, departmental policies, national strategies & international IT and security standards. Our experience and understanding of assessments enable us to innovate and adapt for individual customers without ever risking the security, scalability, reliability and maintainability of our services.