Assessment is not a project, it's a continuous process.

Inspera Assessment supports the entire examination process for academic and administrative users. Build Continuous Quality into your process and use it as a catalyst for data-driven transformation.


Secure assessments on any device

Inspera Assessment works on all devices, for both open and closed book exams, providing a fair testing environment for every learner.


All forms of assessment under one roof

Create the assessments that you need. Whether it is essay-based assessments in the humanities, or programming and math exercises in STEM.

Annotation for higher marks

Provide precise annotations and criteria based marks to learners at all levels. Author, reuse and share feedback with learners and collaborators to increase the learning outcome.


Future compliant

Privacy by Design to top of mind, Accessibility to every learner and API-driven process Automation.

Trusted by world-class education institutions

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