Getting Started with Digital Exams

On-Demand | 20 Minutes

High-stakes digital exams require setting up and implementing the new processes that involve digital exams.

One of the biggest challenges in getting these new workflow processes to work effectively is onboarding and training both staff and students. Learning Technologists have encountered these questions before, whenever introducing new technologies to their organisations. What makes e-assessment implementation projects especially worthy of careful consideration is not their novelty but the scale of impact on the entire organisation, teaching and learning standards, and the variety of stakeholder perspectives that need to be taken into account.

Watch this webinar to get some inspiration for how to best engage your colleagues and students in the adoption of digital exams in these exciting times for learning technologies.

In this webinar our e-assessment experts cover:

  • Where to start with implementing e-assessment?

  • How to build up best practices and teams?

  • How to get the trust of people whom you are trying to support?


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