How to run effective remote digital exams

On-Demand | 60 Minutes

The transition to virtual classrooms and virtual examinations made the University of Gothenburg reevaluate the established processes and, when possible, find new ways to evaluate student knowledge.

But with courses with up to 300 students, is it even possible to get a fair evaluation in a reasonable time? With home exams being necessary, how can we deliver fair exams when there is no way to proctor the students and practically all available resources are at their hands?

In this webinar, Linda Jerdenius shares some of the changes made to both questions asked in the exams and tools used to identify plagiarism and potential collaborations.

Magnus Svendsen Nerheim will discuss how UiB tied together the ongoing implementation and development of digital assessment with the COVID response, highlight how UiB utilizes digitization of assessment as a catalyst for educational development and how digital assessment can be utilized as a disruptive technology if handled with care.


  • Linda Jerdenius, University of Gothenburg, System Administrator.
  • Magnus Svendsen Nerheim, University of Bergen, Project Manager EdTech.
  • Donald Lancaster, University of Bath, Director of Studies.

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