The Pedagogical Impact of Online Assessment

On-demand | 30 minutes

Moving educational assessment from paper to online is much more than a digitisation project. It is an opportunity to transform the relationship between educators and test-takers. 
With digital assessment, you can deepen the evaluation of knowledge and skills, continuously improve the quality of delivered courses, and make the exams more relevant to your test-takers.

Join Damion Young, Learning Technologist at University of Oxford, Magnus Widqvist, Administrator at Uppsala University, and Niels Goet, Tech Lead for Automated Test Construction at Inspera, for a fika break - a Scandinavian social coffee break.

The panellists are discussing their lessons learned about the pedagogical impact of e-assessment.

Watch on-demand and learn:

  • What are the differences between assessment of learning, and for learning?
  • Is the pedagogical impact dependent on the subject matter?
  • What do the buzzwords “learning analytics”, “item bank”, “adaptive learning” and “authentic assessment” really mean?

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