The future of e-assessment practices after the coronavirus emergency

On-Demand | 62 Minutes

The session briefly explores the journey of Digital Assessment in Australian higher education. It focuses on the progress towards e-exams up until the COVID-19 pandemic, the rapid pivot to cope and then a look a possible futures.

The events of 2020 could be a decisive moment where we see mere migration of old pedagogies into a new medium or it could be a catalyst for the transformation of assessment that leverages the affordances of contemporary technologies. As the COVID-19 emergency is impacting educational institutions worldwide, there is an increasing interest for doing examinations securely from home.


  • Ishan Kolhatkar, BPP University, Director of Group Education Technologies.
  • Mathew Hillier, Macquarie University, Lecturer.
  • Donald Lancaster, University of Bath, Director of Studies.

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