How to create better exams

What you need to know about exam design and delivery in 2021

How to Create Better Exams

In this whitepaper, we will take a closer look at the two exams scenarios and discuss the benefits and challenges of both scenarios respectively:
  • Redesigning courses and assessment
  • Implementing remote proctoring

We have asked institutions how they have changed the way they design and deliver exams, and outlined the short- and long-term benefits of digital authoring.

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See how other institutions changed the way they design and deliver exams

Learn about benefits and challenges of online assessments authoring

Explore two most common assessment scenarios in the times of Covid-19

4 ways how this guide helps you rethink assessments

2.Get practical tips on how to make the most out of onscreen exam design.  

2. Discover what are the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to home exams.  

3. Get ideas on how to activate and engage your stakeholders in digital authoring.

4. Learn about how the coronavirus pandemic accelerates the digital transformation, and how to respond to the change.

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Eventually, digital exams will become the norm. I think it will happen, the only question is when. Read full story

Dr Donald Lancaster Director of Studies for the Executive MBA, University of Bath School of Management.


The administrative staff have been praising digital examinations. Security, speed, management and access to materials are highly complimented. Read full story

Rodney Payne, Director of Technological Innovation, The Caribbean Examinations Council

Gothenburg University

The project has been met with positive uptake by all staff groups, and students are overwhelmingly satisfied. Read full story

Linda Jerdenius, System Administrator University of Gothenburg

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