BPP University raises the bar of digital exams

Julie Lykke Storm
November 28, 2019

Higher education institutions must aspire to bridge the gap between 'digital' at work and on campus. Authentic assessments are an important step in that direction. On December 6th 2019, BPP University in London invited fellow institutions to a conference on the challenges and benefits of digital transformation in assessment practice. 

The question is whether institutions should fight the digital evolution or offer an assessment experience which mirrors students’ everyday life. Digital exams are one way of preparing for a professional life that will inevitably be digital. 

‘An exam format that far better replicates what our students are going to be doing in real life is obviously valuable. At BPP, we strongly feel it is important to replicate real life as far as possible in our students’ assessments’, says Ishan Kolhatkar, Director of Group Educational Technologies at BPP Professional Education.

Examining Excellence e-assessment conference   

Conference with a focus on students

The student experience was one of the key topics at the conference ‘Examining Excellence: E-assessment in Law, Business and Technology’. The event was held at BPP University Waterloo Campus in central London, and it brought together academics and education leaders from the UK and overseas. 

‘The student experience on the online platform Inspera Assessment has been overwhelmingly positive. Students are really happy whether they’re comparing it to a previous assessment system, or simply to pen-and-paper. To them, it’s a leap forward that makes sense’, says Ishan Kolhatkar.

The future of exams is digital

Leading universities across the world experience strong support and demand for digital exam initiatives from student bodies. By providing a fulfilling learning and assessment environment, the universities will achieve higher student engagement. 

‘My perspective is that we're going to see a fairly rapid adoption by universities, as they realise the virtue of using assessment software. We’re going to see students clamouring for institutions to offer e-assessments’, Ishan Kolhatkar predicts.

Want to know more?

Please visit our case studies to find out more about BPP University's motivation, implementation, and reflections on e-assessment. 

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