Complete. Modular. Enterprise Grade.

We've re-thought digital examination to save time, money, and to improve quality of assessment. 

End-to-end. Support the entire assessment life cycle and the assessment workflow for academic and administrative users.

Personal. Personalize dashboards to identify anomalies, sort out quantities and measure impact on all devices.

Modular:  Enterprise Grade with all needed modules.



Open. Flexible. Student-friendly 

More flexibility means students gain more control of their assessments.

Paper. Say goodbye to writer's cramp, illegible handwriting and assessing 20th century writing process (pen & paper).

Appealing. Delight the millennial learners through a user-friendly state of the art, responsive, single-page Javascript front-end.

Any place, any time. Deliver exams at test centers with dedicated equipment, or support home exams with bring-your-own-device (BYOD).




Create tests that drive learning

Flexible learning and flexible assessment goes hand in hand.

Content. Connect learning and examination by reusing question and questions sets in both formative and summative assessments. 

Feedback. Add detailed feedback for formative assessments such as hints, and feedback for each answer alternative.

Randomized. Random drawing from a question pool.



Inclusive assessment

All students should have a fair, supported assessment experience.

Responsive. Fit all screens and form factors through responsive design, and preview the tests for different screens during authoring.

Individual. Differentiate exams for individuals, add extra time, spellchecker or turn off the lock-down browser.

Accessible. Fully accessible delivery player by supporting keyboard navigation, zooming, screen reading, colour inversion and more.

Flexible. Allow test candidates to change the locale of the test (each test can be available in multiple locales).


100% digitization within reach

Flexibility are key factor in our rapid growth across subject matters. 

Needs covered. Graphing, math formulas, chemistry, spreadsheets and statistics in questions with our GeoGebra integration.

Open. Integrate favourite student tools with our open API for both closed and open book exams.

Sketch API. Connecting paper submissions with automatic digitizing of student sketch .

Efficient and unbiased grading

We strive to make the assessment reliable, valid, authentic and transparent while maintaining efficiency.

Collaborative. Grade manually using committees and double blind marking, as well as automatically using thresholds.

Efficient. Customize the grading workflow: per student, per question, or customize the sorting of the pile of student responses.

Secure. Check students' work for improper citation or potential plagiarism.


High Stakes - Low Pulse

Peace of mind when managing thousands of concurrent exams

Offline. Handle network or power outage by support for offline delivery or automatic resumption of aborted test deliveries.

Content control. Ensure high data quality through revision control and personal and shared notes in the authoring process.

Archive. All student test deliveries saved as ISO-standardized PDF/A format for archiving and long-term storage.

Real-time monitoring

We are offering a real-time view of all mission critical data for digital assessments

Take appropriate action, at once. Discover issues, attempts at cheating, and monitor progress across digital exams in different locations.

Focus on what matters to you. Configure the views on the dashboard to have real-time data organized in one place.

Real-time. Monitoring of workflow execution via web dashboards.



Inspera Assessment is the most interoperable platform on the market.

Reuse existing content. Exchange tests and questions through support for open standards like IMS Question and Test Interoperability (QTI)

Integrate with Learning Management Systems through IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

Integrate Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365

Integrate external tools like with Geobra, MatLab, AutoCAD and more

Secure and reliable

We have an open security policy where we address security issues together with our customers. 

Lock-down any computer into a secure workstation through integration with Safe-Exam Browser (SEB)

Anti-cheating mechanisms. Increase barriers for cheating by strategies like SEB, day password, live central monitoring and randomization of questions

Detailed logs. Subscribe to event log to keep track of more than 60 event types triggered in the lifecycle of an exam


Learning Analytics

Big data is an opportunity to learn about student knowledge, their learning gaps and assessment quality.

Student Outcomes. Keep learning about each student as they are being assessed. 

Content Quality. Easily available analytics saves time and accelerates improving assessment quality.

Management Metrics. Anonymous data provide benchmark for school owners.

Teacher Feedback. Export grades statistics or learning analytics into CSV files to process in external tools.