Inspera Student Satisfaction Survey 2021: Key Findings

Suzanna Doran
August 11, 2021

This spring, we surveyed over 500 students to ask their opinions about digital assessment. We sent out the questionnaire to current Inspera users at Leeds Beckett University, The University of Bath, Uppsala University, Jönköping University and The Agricultural University of Iceland. With their responses, we gained valuable insights into the student assessment experience in the UK and the Nordics. Keep reading to learn about the key findings.

Read the 2021 Student Satisfaction Survey Results to discover more about students’ opinions on topics such as proctoring and comfort with digital tools.

How do students prefer to take exams?

The pen is mightier than the sword but is the mouse mightier than the pen? It appears so: 79% of students surveyed prefer digital exams to those taken on pen and paper. 

What’s the reason for their preference?

Today’s test-takers value the flexibility of online assessments, which allow them to sit exams at home. Respondents also mentioned the user-friendliness of systems such as Inspera Assessment, in particular the ability to easily edit work as they go along. 

Are students more likely to apply for a course that offers digital assessment?

When it comes to finding a place to study, 52% of test-takers surveyed said that they would be more likely to choose an institution that offered digital exams. 

In part, the preference for digital assessment seems to be because learners feel that it's more relevant to modern life. One student from Leeds Beckett University says, “because we are living in a fast and changing world, where acquiring services can now be accessed electronically; it is fitting that issues like exams should be conducted digitally.” 

Are you interested in learning more about digital assessment and student satisfaction? Our Student Experience Toolkit contains practical guides, webinars and customer stories to support you in improving your test-taker experience. 

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