Uppsala University Awards Contract to Inspera

Inspera Team
September 11, 2018

Inspera Assessment wins Uppsala University’s digital examinations platform tender in a strong field of international competitors.

Founded in 1477, Uppsala University is the oldest Scandinavian University. It is consistently ranked among the top 100 universities by the Times Higher Education and has a strong profile in natural sciences and STEM.

With more than 40 000 students and over 140 000 invigilated examinations conducted each year, Uppsala University in 2017 decided to procure a system to digitise examinations. Moving to digital examinations will increase quality control of exam papers, improve efficiency, and help Uppsala enhance students’ exam experience. It will also ensure better alignment between digital tools used in everyday learning and examinations.

STEM support, anonymity and administrative efficiency

Uppsala University published an extensive series of requirements for their new digital examinations solution. Three requirements stood out.

First, Uppsala University required an examinations platform with excellent support for STEM subjects. In practice, this means that the platform needs to be able to work with a range of different inputs used by authors and students, such as formulas (LaTex in particular), chemistry diagrams, drawings, symbols, etc.

Second, the University required a GDPR-compliant and secure solution for anonymous examinations and marking, while still allowing for invigilator authentication of examinees at exams. Inspera Assessment’s solution has a strong record in effectively combining both anonymity and quality assurance requirements. In the Inspera solution, Student IDs are fetched and displayed only during the examination. This allows invigilators to perform an ID check and register the required information on Inspera’s monitor tool (via a tablet). Subsequently, IDs are no longer traceable in Inspera Assessment except for exam administrators with designated permissions.

Third, Uppsala University required a solution that would support its clear vision for the University’s electronic eco-system for assessments. The solution is an integration with Blackboard that will support the import of grades from course assessments into Inspera Assessment. After results and degree determination, examiners can export final grades to the Ladok student registration system.

Inspera Assessment student girl

Parallel piloting and implementation

The project will kick off early autumn 2018. We will start with an implementation phase involving examinations trials performed by the University. Concurrently, integrations will be set up and tested for the student registration systems Ladok 3, VLE Blackboard, and the university’s active directory for import of users and roles delivered by Inspera. Inspera will be responsible for training of super users among each of the key staff groups, and to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of Inspera Assessment.

Learning from experiences

As universities across Northern Europe are contemplating how to manage assessments across their institution using digital tools, our project at Uppsala University will be a learning experience for all parties involved. This will be the first realisation of a complete electronic management of assessment system landscape for Inspera. The project will bring together course work conducted in the VLE, results from final exams conducted in Inspera Assessment, and final course grades for degree determination in the Inspera Platform. 

Inspera looks forward to supporting Uppsala University in its ambitions, and to working together to bring the benefits of digital assessment to students and staff.

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