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EICOM is a leader in digital commerce education and aspires to elevate the digital commerce market. They do this by empowering consumer brands, and delivering comprehensive courses and certifications. The incorporation of a digital assessment platform is integral to their educational strategy.

EICOM delivers executive training for professionals in the fields of sales and merchandising, digital marketing, technology and data, supply chain and operations, finance, and accounting.

Why Digital Assessment?

EICOM’s journey into digital assessment was propelled by their certification program. The need for scalability and a global reach led them to embrace digital assessment, prioritizing convenience for both the institution and candidates. Cost-effectiveness and scalability were pivotal factors in selecting a suitable platform, ultimately leading them to choose Inspera.

EICOM attracts a diverse international student base, fostering a multicultural learning environment. With candidates from India, Australia, the UK, Africa, and South America, inclusivity is paramount. So it’s vital that their assessment solution enables access from multiple parts of the world at the very same time, while ensuring reliability and flexibility, focusing on the candidates’ digital commerce experience and knowledge as their primary and only goal.


Ensuring the integrity of exams globally was anticipated as the greatest challenge so EICOM employs rigorous security measures, using Inspera Proctoring and Integrity Browser. Alongside these robust security measures, EICOM provides a wealth of information and training for its students in assessment methods and assessment integrity for the best results.

Working across time zones, they allocate a time window to candidates which triggers a set limit when candidates login. Credentials are sent ahead of time to ensure everyone has appropriate access at the appropriate time, and tests can run smoothly on exam day.

The Results

Convenience has been crucial to candidates, and the global coordination of exam time windows has helped provide that around the world. EICOM maintains this security and integrity by continually refining their delivery methods and by working with Inspera, citing the user-friendly interface and customization capabilities.

Navigating challenges while delivering top-quality training and assessment, EICOM demonstrates the importance of an adaptable and secure digital assessment platform in the dynamic field of digital commerce education.

Looking Ahead

EICOM aims to maintain an open and collaborative relationship with Inspera, underscoring the importance of capabilities benefiting the broader user ecosystem. Security remains a top priority, and EICOM advises others to prioritize it, as well as understanding specific needs, and thoroughly testing available features.

I think that the openness that we have with the relationship with Inspera, it’s been very valuable.”
Vitor Tambascia, Head of Product at EICOM