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'The student experience on the Inspera Assessment has been overwhelmingly positive.'

About BPP University

BPP University has around 15,000 students, studying across 13 centres, in eight locations across England and online around the world. The university is composed of four schools focusing on Law, Business and Technology, Nursing and Health. In 2007, it became the first publicly owned company in the UK to obtain degree-awarding powers. For this customer story, we interviewed Ishan Kolhatkar, Director of Group Educational Technologies.

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Digital examinations are recognised as an important factor in BPP University’s Strategy for Learning and Teaching 2017-2021, aiming to bring professional experience even closer to the classroom, as computers are the tools that the students will use predominantly in their careers.

‘Students are really happy, whether they’re comparing Inspera to a previous assessment system, or simply to pen-and-paper. To them, it’s a leap forward that makes sense’, says Ishan Kolhatkar.

Higher education institutions must aspire to bridge the gap between 'digital' at work and on campus, and online assessments are an important step in that direction. BPP School of Nursing features an intensive technology application in their programmes’ curricula, and Kolhatkar sees a lot of potential in this area. ‘There is a huge amount of tech in hospitals and other healthcare scenarios. Nursing is inherently a practical subject. It’s another area where it’s important to replicate real life, as far as possible, in their assessments’, says Ishan Kolhatkar.


BPP University started their collaboration with Inspera in 2017, via a pilot, which involved nine exams with varying student cohort sizes, from 20 to 200, across BPP University Schools. The pilot was designed to test Inspera Assessment in a wide range of conditions to evaluate the system’s capabilities in light of the university’s diverse requirements: home vs on-site; computer lab vs BYOD; auto-marked questions vs manually e-marked questions.

BPP University was the principal partner to Inspera in developing functionality for moderated marking, a marking quality-control process, widely used in the UK HE. Since then, the implementation has been expanded towards law and business exams that are manually marked, facilitated by the moderated marking functionality in Inspera Assessment, released in 2019.

BPP University have been very ambitious in their goals on e-assessment, but have also taken time to do rigorous planning and development of the implementation project, with gradual rollout milestones towards their 100% digitisation target.


The Results

Inspera Assessment is now used for both formative and summative assessment, across Law School, Business & Technology School and School of Nursing. In terms of delivery mode, it is used for on-site invigilated assessments as well as BYOD home assessments, which are automatically marked. The plan is to further expand the BYOD adoption, especially in Law programmes, towards fully BYOD delivery in 2020.

‘There have been many informal discussions with students, all of which have been positive,' says Ishan Kolhatkar.

Looking Ahead

BPP University is working towards a 100% adoption of digital exams in Inspera Assessment (most of which will be Bring Your Own Device), and in the process pioneering this practice in the UK higher education.

‘My perspective is that we're going to see a fairly rapid adoption by universities, as they realise the virtue of using assessment software to assess their students. We’re going to see students clamouring for institutions to offer e-assessments’, Ishan Kolhatkar predicts.  

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