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With Inspera Assessment, higher education institutions empower their students to perform at their best at the most critical moments of their academic career. Achieve higher staff and student satisfaction by providing an efficient and fulfilling assessment experience.

Four reasons to choose Inspera Assessment
for higher education


Assessments on any device

Inspera Assessment works on all devices, for both open and closed book exams, providing a familiar testing environment for every student.


Secure exam delivery

Exams are submitted from a secure lock-down browser to prevent cheating, and having marks and grades saved online acts to mitigate lost exam papers.

All forms of tests under one roof

All forms of tests under one roof

Create the assessments that you need, whether they are essay-based exams in the humanities or programming and math exercises in STEM.


Marking from anywhere

Provide precise annotations and criteria-based marks to learners at all levels. Author, reuse, and share feedback with students and collaborators.

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Why BPP University is working towards a 100% adoption of digital exams

Higher education institutions must aspire to bridge the gap between 'digital' at work and on campus, and online assessments are an important step in that direction.

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