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Inspera Proctoring includes advanced monitoring of test-takers via webcam, screen and audio sharing technology, either fully automated, human proctored or combined.

What is Inspera Proctoring?

Our proctoring solutions. Add-on to Inspera Assessment & Inspera Exam Portal to achieve full exam security.
Key benefits:

Test session recording

Review the whole test session or skip to flagged suspicious activities.


Flexible exam settings

Flexibility to choose the right settings for each exam: Enable screen, audio and video monitoring, or any combination of the three and decide how strict test-taker activity flagging should be.


Test-taker check-in

A simple, automated process to verify candidates’ identity and make sure that their microphone and webcam are working properly.


Network resilience

Continuous monitoring even in the case of temporary loss of internet connectivity during the test.

What’s unique about our proctoring solutions?

All of Inspera’s solutions, especially proctoring, are built with the test-taker experience in mind.
Exams are stressful but the simplicity of our exam process allows test-takers to focus on doing their best work rather than navigating complex software.

System -

System Readiness checks

A simple, guided check-in process prepares students for taking their exam and makes sure their device is ready.


Automatic Identity Checks

Students validate their identity by using a webcam to take a picture of themselves and their identification.


Network resilience

Both test-taking and monitoring can continue even if there’s an interruption in internet connectivity

Video: See how it works for the student 


System requirements for Inspera Smarter Proctoring

Windows: 7, 8 and 10 on 64-bit platforms
Mac OS X: 10.14 and higher
500 MB of disk space
Web camera & microphone (internal or external)
A broadband internet connection (0.15Mbps upload speed)
CPUs newer than 2011 (Intel Sandy Bridge or newer)

What is online exam proctoring?

Proctored exams are assessments that are supervised by a proctor, someone appointed by an organisation to ensure the exam follows regulation. If delivered face to face, proctored exams are conducted in an invigilated exam hall, where the proctor makes sure proper conduct is maintained in-person. Online proctored exams are a digital version of an invigilated exam hall. During online proctored exams, students are monitored using a proctoring software, ensuring exam integrity is upheld.

What is proctoring software?

Just like an in-person proctor, online proctoring software allows you to check whether exam regulations are followed by candidates. Candidate behaviour can be monitored using a webcam, microphone and screen recording.  The proctoring software flags suspected behaviour for review by a human.

What are the benefits of online proctoring?

Online proctoring has many benefits for both candidates and institutions. Specifically, online proctoring is:



Unlike in-person proctoring, online proctoring involves continuous monitoring of exams on an individual basis. Everything is recorded and captured, so misconduct is much less likely to go unnoticed. 



Online proctoring allows organisations to invigilate at scale. Record and review proctoring means you decide when and what to review, removing the need to have people at a certain location and time to fit an exam schedule.



Online invigilation is much more flexible than traditional proctoring. Exams can be taken and invigilated from anywhere and at any time during the assessment window.


Less costly

Online proctoring saves organisations money and resources. The administrative burden and logistical costs involved is greatly reduced when proctoring is conducted online.

What are the types of online proctoring?

Online proctoring can be divided into two groups:


Record and review proctoring

Record and review proctoring is an efficient way for a proctor to review candidate behaviour after an assessment. In automated proctoring, the proctoring software records the student via webcam, microphone, and screen capture and flags suspicious behaviour in the recordings for review at a later date. The invigilator can then decide to review the whole recording or just the flagged parts and take further action if needed.


Live proctoring

With live proctoring, a proctor watches a candidate in real-time as they take their exam. The proctor sees multiple candidates at the same time via their webcam and can intervene if required. A recording of the session is also created so that it can be reviewed post-exam.

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Eventually, digital exams will become the norm. I think it will happen, the only question is when.
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— Dr Donald Lancaster
Director of Studies for the Executive MBA, University of Bath School of Management.

Using Inspera Assessment hugely simplified our transition to digital assessments. The vast array of features accommodated diverse requirements, and the platform was simple to navigate and implement. Working with Inspera has been a pleasure!
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— Dr. Dee Scadden,
Director of Teaching and Deputy Head of Department, Department of Biochemistry

Once the users have transitioned to digital examination, they would not go back to the old system – there is no question of that. The use of digital examinations has risen steadily.
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— Anne-Lise Lande
Section Manager, University of Oslo, Norway