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Accessible Online Testing

How to deliver accessible online assessments

At Inspera, we believe that assessment should empower and delight all learners. And, we are proud to have a user- and accessibility-focused design philosophy to ensure we meet that goal. Our platform was created on the belief that online assessment should enable learners to prove their skills in a fair, valid and reliable way - free from any barriers, limitations, or unnecessary restrictions.

For us, accessibility and universal access is a matter of mindset. It is not only about making our product accessible to all; it is also about making it better for everyone.

Our assessments platform also meets the requirements of the WCAG standard. 

How we develop with Accessibility in mind

Semantic markup is the foundation for making the web accessible. The idea of semantic markup is that we use HTML elements for what they are rather than how they may appear visually in the browser. If semantic markup is used consistently throughout a digital tool, assistive technologies that are available on any standard operating system will interpret the content correctly. Our platform is built on semantic markup, and we therefore support a whole range of accessibility features. 

Screen readers

We have developed Inspera Assessment so that screen readers provide correct Text-To-Speech functionality. The Inspera Assessment Test Delivery module is tested with JAWS and Windows Narrator for Windows, VoiceOver on macOS and iOS, and ChromeVox Next on Chromebook.

Keyboard navigation & braille keyboards

Keyboard accessibility is an important aspect of web accessibility. Many learners with motor disabilities or visual impairments rely on a keyboard. And, some learners may use braille keyboards or modified keyboards that mimic the functionality of a traditional keyboard. Inspera Assessment can be used with both regular or braille keyboards, mouse or touchscreen.


The possibility to zoom is important for learners with visual impairments. Since the learner's experience is responsive, the interface design allows the learner to zoom in the browser up to 300% – without of loss of content or functionality.

Inspera Assessment's built-in accessibility functions

In addition to supporting assistive technologies offered by the operating systems used by our learners, Inspera Assessment has built-in native accessibility capabilities. For more in-depth information about Inspera Assessment's accessibility capabilities, see our blog post Accessible Assessment: Education for everyone!

Learn more

Do you want to learn more about how to conduct online exams and assessments, and how Inspera Assessment can make your assessments accessible, secure, valid and reliable? No worries, we wrote a "Guide to Online Exams and Assessments".