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Let Inspera Assessment be the all-in-one tool for managing and coordinating examinations, and offer your test-takers the chance to gain their qualifications on the most user-friendly platform available.

Four reasons to choose Inspera Assessment
for awarding bodies



No more papers being shifted from place to place; support for remote monitoring and marking.



Inspera Assessment is a secure, robust, and performant platform that allows large numbers of simultaneous users.



Auto-marking features can do the job of checking multiple-choice questions or any other question types with pre-defined answers, dramatically reducing the workload for the markers.


Plagiarism control

Built-in anti-plagiarism tools give an instant percentage of the originality estimate, replacing the lengthy procedure of checking the handwritten responses.

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How Inspera Assessment reduces operational time from weeks to a couple of days

The Caribbean Examinations Council has used Inspera Assessment to deliver digital examinations since 2016. In the feedback survey recently conducted by CXC, 98% of students said that they prefer digital exams over the pen-and-paper alternative.

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