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Benefits of Inspera Assessment

People at the Heart of the Solution

Our experienced consultants guide organisations through the change management process with our practical toolbox, enabling a successful transition to on-screen assessment. Our digital assessment experts work with you to implement a flexible solution that meets your needs, allowing you to realise your wider vision of authentic assessment, and grow test volumes.

See your future assessments

We offer demonstrations of our platform with your content so that you can see what your assessments could look like. A trial account can also be set up quickly, allowing you to pilot your assessments with real test takers with zero risk, taking advantage of Inspera’s out of the box scalability from day one.


Case Studies:


The University of Oxford

The University of Oxford entered into partnership with Inspera in 2018 to launch a multi-year collaborative project to transform their assessments to digital delivery. In February 2021 The University of Oxford commenced the rollout of Inspera across the whole university in a number of phases, and has integrated with Inspera’s wide ranging and open API capabilities to create both exams & coursework assessments and to assign candidates, planners, examiners and invigilators. In the 21/22 academic year, The University of Oxford successfully ran over 40,000 digital assessment submissions using Inspera.

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Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training

Between 2008 and 2021, Inspera delivered over 5 million national test submissions across all primary schools in Norway for the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training, responsible for examinations, national tests and diagnostic tests in Norwegian schools. The Inspera platform was used for on-screen delivery of tests, including digital development, execution and monitoring of national tests, diagnostic tests, grade-supporting tests and a variety of formative tests.

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Academedia are a national education provider in the Swedish Market operating at primary school level, secondary school level and in adult education. Academedia takes advantage of Inspera Assessment to deliver both Admissions tests and Summative assessments at secondary and adult education levels nationally and delivers almost 200,000 assessments a year on the Inspera Assessment platform.


Caribbean Examinations Council

An international general qualifications awarding organisation covering multiple geographical territories and timezones, delivering assessments across a diverse range of secondary education subjects has taken advantage of Inspera Assessment for the management, planning, delivery and monitoring of over 140,000 high stakes candidate assessments a year across over 250 partner schools and test centres.

The client further benefits from the integration capabilities of Inspera to import and manage exam content, and to export candidate submissions for marking and results processing purposes.

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