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About the guest

Ishan Kolhatkar

Global Client Evangelist, Inspera

Ishan Kolhatkar is a Global Client Evangelist at Inspera and an education technology leader. With over a decade years of experience in the intersection of technology and education, Ishan is committed to driving positive change and inspiring the adoption of modern assessment methodologies worldwide. Before joining Inspera, Ishan was a legal academic following a career as a Barrister. He was Deputy Dean of Learning and Teaching and Director of EdTech which led to him purchasing and implementing Inspera. He has a deep understanding of how pedagogy needs to be enabled by technology through experience before and while at Inspera. He was on the Department for Education T-Level panel for Law. Ishan is an internationally recognised industry expert in education, digital assessment, digital transformation, digital enablement and change management. As an author, he writes for national and international education publications such as Times Higher Education. He has been a speaker at numerous leading education conferences, including Assessment in Higher Education and Association for Learning Technology, THE Campus Live and THE Digital Universities in the UK, MENA, Asia and ANZ, and the EDUtech Asia and ANZ. Away from work, he's a keen amateur chef, posting pictures of his food online.

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