Inspera Remote Exam

Allow your test-takers to sit their exams from a remote location.

Inspera Remote Exam provides increased security for your high-stakes assessments and offers a number of new and improved security features.

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What is Inspera Remote Exam?

Inspera Remote Exam provides increased security for your high-stakes assessments. The new and improved features allow test-takers to sit secure and reliable digital exams from a remote location. Security features include:


Lockdown browser

Turn any device temporarily into a secure workstation by preventing access to all unauthorised programs and resources.


Identify verification

Simplify identity checks with AI facial-recognition.


Advanced monitoring

Monitor test-takers live, get notified of any suspicious behaviour and intervene as required. Two-way video conferencing is on our roadmap.


Test session recording

Review end-to-end video recording of each test-taker's webcam (video & audio) and screen, or navigate directly to flagged suspicious activities.


Network resilience

Continuous monitoring despite the temporary loss of internet connectivity.


Integrity inspection

Certificate-based signing of applications and communications to ensure the software has not been tampered with.

How does it work for students

1. System Readiness checks

Inspera will provide students with automated checks to make sure their microphone and webcam are functioning properly.

2. Automatic Identity Checks

Students will then take their picture using their webcam to authenticate the test-taker identity.

3. Manual Identity Checks

Identification anomalies can be manually checked by invigilators after the exam

System requirements

Windows 7, 8 and 10 on 64-bit platforms Mac OS X 10.12 and higher space
100MB of free storage Web camera (internal or external) and microphone A broadband internet connection

Benefits compared to other standalone products on the market?

Fully integrated with our lock-down browser Works with any interruption in internet connectivity Rich evidence material with both webcam (video and audio) and screen recording Fast forward version showing screen and webcam recording together Add events in webcam recording when new persons are entering the screen.

Why do we need extra security for remote exams?

The Inspera Remote Exam allows students to sit secure and reliable digital exams on their own device and in their own homes.

This provides a viable alternative to campus based or exam centre assessments, for those students who are not easily able to attend exam locations in person.

We are developing the new Remote Exam tool to help universities and schools satisfy the increasing need to transition to secure home-based assignments and provide alternative assessment options for those who need them most.


 The deans have been eager, as they can see the benefits. And once the users have transitioned to digital examination, they would not go back to the old system – there is no question of that. The use of digital examinations has risen steadily.


Anne-Lise Lande

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