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“The deans have been eager, as they can see the benefits. And once the users have transitioned to digital examination, they would not go back to the old system – there is no question of that. The use of digital examinations has risen steadily.”

University of Oslo

Since 2015 Inspera Assessment has been supporting digital examinations for the University of Gothenburg in a mainly Bring Your Own Device setup which Inspera Assessment has supported in a secure and smooth way. The project has been met with positive uptake by all staff groups, and students are overwhelmingly satisfied.

Linda Jerdenius, System Administrator, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

“Some students didn’t want to take the exam online simply because they were nervous. All of the students who did it online reported great satisfaction. All of the students who didn’t do it online, later said they wish they had done it. That is really interesting when you think about it.”

University of Bath

“Academic staff is satisfied with the improved efficiency of marking that was introduced by e-assessment implementation, and the administration staff is having a vital tool in handling a high volume of data in the critical time of the exam period.”

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Since 2008 Inspera has successfully delivered more than 5 million online high-stakes assessments for the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training, making Norway a global front-runner in implementing a comprehensive national framework for evaluation and assessment.

Arild Stangeland, Director of IT-Department, The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training

Whenever we talk to principals, ICT staff, and special needs teachers, we got a positive response. People are satisfied.

Pernilla Svensson, ICT Coordinator and Systems Administrator, Lund Municipality, Sweden

When implementing digital exams, we experienced that we could gain higher quality with less time spend. Usually, it is the other way around. Digital exams have basically changed the way we work and have made it much easier to share the responsibilities connected with the assessment process.

Valeriia Gorlushko, Head of Examination Office Kozminski University, Poland

The administrative staff have been praising digital examinations. Security, speed, management and access to materials are highly complimented.

Rodney Payne, Senior Manager, Caribbean Examinations Council, Barbados

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