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Besart Kunushevci

Head of Originality and Integrity Solutions at Inspera

Besart Kunushevci is the Head of Originality and Integrity Solutions at Inspera. His role at Inspera is instrumental in driving digital transformation in the education sector. Awarded with a partial scholarship, he graduated with distinction at the University of Sheffield. His career is defined by a strong commitment to building sustainable and socially responsible businesses, particularly in the realms of digital assessment, education, and information technology. In 2020, Besart founded Crossplag, an Advanced AI-enabled plagiarism detection tool. His innovative work drew the attention of Inspera, which consequently acquired Crossplag, marking a pivotal moment in his career. Prior to this venture, Besart held the role of Coordinator for the Entrepreneurship Center and International Projects at the Universum College, where he had already shown his entrepreneurial drive.

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