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Grant Beevers

Senior Partner Growth Manager, Inspera Aus/NZ

With over two decades of experience in the Education Technology sector across the Asia Pacific region, Grant Beevers has established a rich and varied professional history. He has held a multitude of roles, encompassing technical, managerial, and consultancy positions at renowned organisations such as SkillSoft, Saba, Study Group, Blackboard, Kaltura, and OpenLearning, ultimately culminating in his current tenure with Inspera, which commenced in 2022. In 2019, Beevers was promoted to the role of Senior Digital Learning Specialist in APAC, which serves as a testament to his exceptional proficiency in collaborating with clients to deliver best practices in the creation of effective learning ecosystems. More recently, he has dedicated himself to the development, publication, and delivery of remarkable video experiences, highlighting the integral role they play within online learning environments. Recognised as a thought leader within education technology, Beevers boasts an extensive portfolio that encompasses expertise in strategy and planning, learning management, virtual collaboration tools, e-learning content, instructional design, and the multifaceted world of video technology.  

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