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Dr. Keivan Navaie

Principal AI Technology Adviser at Information Commissioner's Office | Guest Author

Keivan Navaie is the Principal AI Technology Adviser at the Information Commissioner's Office and currently holds the esteemed position of Chair Professor of Intelligent Networks at Lancaster University. Keivan Navaie brings over 15 years of extensive expertise in the design and implementation of wireless communication systems, machine learning systems, and signal processing. Before assuming his current role, he held various positions in prestigious universities worldwide, including Carleton University in Canada and Tarbiat Modares University in Tehran. With a significant research portfolio, Dr Navaie has successfully led research projects totalling over £2 million in funding from prominent EU and UK-based agencies. He also actively provides technical consultancy to major players in communication technology, such as HUAWEI and BT. Additionally, he has made valuable contributions to numerous publications in his industry. Navaie is a Fellow of IET, a Chartered Engineer in the UK, and a Senior Fellow of the HEA.  

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