Inspera Releases Innovative Tool for Digitising Sketches

Jens Andreas Pettersen
January 8, 2017

Scantron and digital sketches

Ironically, smart use of plain paper is the key to reach 100% digitisation. For many examinations digital sketches are a prerequisite.

Over the last couple of years, Inspera has partnered with several universities to realise large-scale implementations of digital examinations. By far, the biggest obstacle to reach 100% e-assessment is robust support for drawings in STEM subjects, where examinees often have to submit hand-written mathematical formulas, drawings, and other sketches.

In partnership with higher education institutions, Inspera has developed an innovative and efficient solution, offering full integration with the best-of-breed scanning solution by Scantron. With the new Inspera Sketch add-on, learners can now use plain paper as part of their online submission. The solution also enables simple and secure management of the sketch attachments.

Some of the benefits of the new Inspera Sketch tool include:

  • Simple administration of thousands of paper sheets before, during and after the exam.
  • Intuitive interface for learners to assign sheets to questions and to deliver up to 100 sheets per exam.
  • Compatibility with all question types, including automatically marked questions and computer programming questions.
  • Automated digitisation, synchronization with the correct student/question and display in the grading tool.

Read more about how the University Of Oslo is using digital sketches.

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