Our product release webinar took place on 4th March 2024. You can watch a recording by visiting our Help Center.

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Inspera Originality via LTI to Your LMS

We are delighted to announce that Inspera Originality, our powerful similarity and AI prediction capability is now available for use in your LMS. This month sees the release of our LTI 1.3 integration for Canvas, Moodle, D2L Brightspace, Blackboard and Sakai. This allows you to bring our in-depth insights, multi-language capabilities and flexible control of your candidate data, to your LMS with ease.

Assessment Path

Our assessment path capability moves into general availability from this month. It allows you to group individual assessments to be graded as a whole. Each assessment can have its own integrity, timing and grading settings which can be the same or different to others in the group. This allows you to deliver anything from a wide range of differing assessments within a module or program of study to grouping just two assessments together to be taken one at a time. The assessments can have the same candidates throughout or you can add them individually to each assessment.

Assessment path supports both assessments within the group running in parallel or in series. The individual assessments can be diagnostic, formative or summative. It’s possible to mix between these types and weight the individual components differently.

For candidates, this means a cohesive journey through their assessments with rich feedback using our new candidate dashboard.

Educators have that same wide visibility of a candidate while grading an assessment path. We’ve enhanced the views available to graders so that they can see the full picture of a candidate within an assessment path including questions, submissions and grades. For planners, there’s greater flexibility in assigning whether grades or points are used across the path, how candidates are displayed to graders and the ability to add candidates logging in via SSO to an assessment path.

Accessibility Enhancements

We continue to strive towards greater accessibility in Inspera and each month add enhancements for users with differing accessibility requirements. We’ve added ARIA landmarks to the candidate report, planner dashboard and for authors when editing questions.


Our next release and webinar will take place on 2nd April 2024. Our Q2 roadmap webinar will take place on 9th April 2024. To sign up to attend our release webinar, please visit our help center.

Written by Ishan Kolhatkar

March 8, 2024